Two basic things you should know if you want to sign up for Crossfit

This type of training arouses interest because it works strength, endurance, gymnastics, speed and power, but also the mind. Crossfit is a practice that people of all ages can sign up for

Surely you have already heard about fashion sport: crossfit. If you think about it, in your family, your friends or your work environment there must be some crossfitero, as the people who practice it are called, and if you ask them why they got hooked on this discipline they will tell you that the more you do it more you need it. Crossfit is revolutionizing the fitness world because its high intensity training promises exponential changes in your body and opens a daily personal improvement hatch.

There is no age to crossfit, we all need to move well and be fit. A few years ago, crossfit kids was created, a specialization for children and adolescents who want to do this sport in a safer way, ”says Samuel Ribao coach and owner of Improve Crossfit, a box – that’s what the gym is called where it is practiced – which opened its doors nine years ago and was the first affiliated with the brand in Madrid capital. To verify that age is not an obstacle, Ribao says he has enrolled people who are close to 60. “The youngest is 15 years old and the oldest 47”, confirms the coach who did the crossfit training “Level 1” in 2010

Anyone can sign up for crossfit. The latest data reflects that, in March 2019, 474 boxes were registered in Spain. In most of them the first test class is free and if you get hooked you can opt for an initiation plan that lasts a month, where you will learn the basic exercises, the technique and the correct performance of all movements. When there are particular conditions or requirements, the practice must be treated as a personalized training, in this way the athlete is guaranteed total protection of the exercises.

The trainings are group and are directed by a coach, who takes care of the athlete of any injury during the wod, the acronym in English of “workout of the day” or training of the day. Its duration varies between different types of training, but does not usually exceed 45 minutes. “The strongest component of this sport is being able to create a community with people other than your personal and work environment,” says the owner of Improve Crossfit.
Is crossfit harmful?

«Crossfit is harmful like any other sport, such as football, basketball or volleyball, or as sports integrated to it such as weightlifting, gymnastics, athletics, etc., provided that technique and posture are not mastered and movements are made without having previously warmed up, ”says Alejandro Di Salvatore, crossfit coach 28004 in Gran Vía and physiotherapist. According to his experience, injuries can be counteracted as the correct performance of the movements is learned, as well as the value of good nutrition, good sleep (between eight to ten hours a day) and a scheduled training to avoid excessive muscle overloads

Each time crossfit gains more followers in the world because it condenses many others in one sport. It is related to competitive sports and its purpose is performance in all aspects: strength, endurance, gymnastics, speed and power. Its great secret and what distinguishes it from traditional training in the gym is that in addition to the physical part it has a great mental component. Motivation, competition against oneself and against the clock, and the feeling of overcoming must prevail if you are thinking of joining crossfit.


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