This is all you do wrong when you remove your makeup

We must protect the face from external aggressions like wind, sun, cold, pollution and makeup. The importance of removing makeup before going to sleep

We know that feeling of being home late and consider going to bed without removing makeup. However, and even if you finally decide to remove the makeup that covers your face, it is possible that you do not do it correctly and “the remedy is even worse than the disease.” Healthy skin is characterized by the proper functioning of the hydrolipidic film. This thin layer of water and grease is essential to protect the skin from external aggressions such as wind, sun, cold, pollution and improper makeup.

If we do not remove makeup, small particles accumulate in our face and neck, and this can cause some kind of intolerance to certain chemicals and even develop dermatitis and allergies. If we leave the makeup at night, we do not allow the skin to regenerate and, therefore, we can lose skin hydration, suffer redness and irritation, and even premature aging, ”says Dr. Natalia Seguí, members of the Spanish Group of Aesthetic and Therapeutic Dermatology of the AEDV.

Practical tips

According to experts, in the removal of makeup, greater emphasis should be placed on two key areas: the eyes and lips. It is very important to remove makeup and remove the mascara so that the eye does not suffer irritation and dryness. “The skin of the eyelid is very sensitive and that is why a specific eye makeup remover is often used. Eyelashes are a very important part because they can suffer and become very dry, thin and lose volume, ”says Seguí.

On the other hand there are the lips: «we must avoid drying and cracking because of the remains of the lipstick. These remains are ending with the smoothness and natural hydration of your lips, ”says the doctor specializing in dermatology.

Mistakes we make

Apparently, mistakes made when removing makeup are very common. «We do not usually pay attention to the choice of the product, letting ourselves be carried away by fashion, price and« packaging ». That means that we do not consult the composition or let ourselves be advised by a dermatologist, and on many occasions we do not choose the right one for our skin type, ”says Natalia Seguí.

As a normal general, if you have oily skin, you can use specific gels or foams, but always making sure that they do not irritate the skin. Normal skins can use micellar water (for me the best option), also gels or cleansing milks and dry skins milks and cleansing oils », recommends the medical director IMS Sitges in Barcelona. There are different make-up removal products, and not all of them are equally advisable.

Successful makeup remover products

The most used and recommended by dermatologists is micellar water, which is made up of 100% natural vegetable ingredients. «Glycerol esters form micelles, which have the ability to absorb impurities in depth from the skin, but at the same time protects and guarantees that they can be used on sensitive skin. Eliminates even waterproof makeup. It must be applied with a cotton pad moistened in micellar water once or twice a day. Apply gently and repeat until the cotton is clean », advises the dermatologist.

Another widely used product is cleansing milk. «Ideally, a milk without parabens or irritating products. It perfectly cleans impurities and makeup thanks to its ultra-soft cleaning agents. Your indication would be for dry skin as it gives a plus of hydration ».

And what happens with the cleansing wipes? They are harmful to the environment, but they are very comfortable when we travel and carry them in my bag. “They are used for normal skin, but they are not very suitable for sensitive skin or fat because they do not completely eliminate impurities,” recommends Natalia Seguí. The dermatologist mentions cleansing gels, tonics and cleansing oils as the last option. «We have to use a good make-up remover and for this we dermatologists recommend products sold in the pharmacy. These products pass very strict controls in terms of safety and effectiveness. Everything has to be properly tested, ”says Natalia Seguí.

Better natural or industrial?

Now that natural products are very fashionable, it does not have to be better than pharmaceutical products since effectiveness is often unproven and we do not have scientific studies that support its beneficial effects. In addition, if they are not properly tested, they could cause allergies or irritations, although the population thinks that being a natural product will not produce any harmful effects, ”says the doctor.

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