The best way to start HIIT training

he exercises of the Pin Twins to start in HIIT

This routine of personal trainers Esther and Gemma Pineda, Twin Pin, includes 6 HIIT exercises that can be done in 12 minutes

Do you notice tiredness and apathy? The drop in temperatures and the lack of light makes us more lazy when it comes to exercising. That is why this week the Pin Twins have proposed to increase the intensity of their exercises. The objective? Lose weight (it will be better to get to Christmas in shape) and tone up.

If last week the personal trainers, specialized in bodybuilding, fitness and weightlifting focused the routine on working abdomen, waist and thighs; This week Esther and Gemma Pineda propose a global circuit that allows to begin in the practice of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), a practice that consists of combining short intervals of exercises at maximum intensity with short periods of rest or exercises at low intensity.

This week’s HIIT Pin Twins routine includes six exercises that can be done in 12 minutes. Each exercise should be worked for about 40 seconds and repeated twice more after a break of 40 seconds.
Exercise 1: Burpees

The “burpee” is an exercise that measures anaerobic resistance. It is performed in several movements (born from the union of chest push-ups, squats and vertical jumps) and with it the abdomen, back, chest, arms and legs are worked.

When practicing the Pin twins remember that it is important to avoid joining the knees and feet when doing the necessary flexion to return to the starting position.
Exercise 2: Iron with isometric squat

This exercise is a variant of the traditional abdominal iron, one of the most effective exercises for working the core. To do it you must stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms extended by the body. Then you bend down and place your hands on the floor before kicking back and putting yourself in the flexion position. Then quickly push your legs hard to return to the lowest squat position and then jump hard to the starting position. One of the most frequent mistakes that occur when doing this exercise is, according to Gemma Pineda, flexing the back instead of the knees. “Watch the lumbar,” he advises.

Do the exercise for 40 seconds and take 20 seconds of rest. Each exercise will be repeated 2 times.
Exercise 3: Abs (butterfly)

With this exercise, which is a version of the abdominal exercises, you work to gain a greater range of movement, the abdominal muscles and also the obliques are activated. When practicing it Esther Pineda explains that it is important to keep the hip and shoulders aligned to practice it correctly.

The working time will be 40 seconds and 20 rest. Each exercise will be repeated 2 times.
Exercise 4: Jumping Squat

This complete exercise includes the practice of a squat and a jump touching the ground with one hand at a time and opening and closing the legs. One of the most frequent mistakes in the practice of this exercise is to flex the arms too much, according to the Pin Twins.

Do the exercise for 40 seconds and take 20 seconds of rest. Each exercise will be repeated 2 times.
Exercise 5: Jumping Jacks with jump

To practice this exercise you must make a vertical jump by raising the knees to the chest after doing the Jumping Jacks exercise 4 times, which consists of opening and closing arms and legs jumping and at the same time. «Avoid falling with the tip of your feet on the ground and when performing the vertical jump do not bring the chest to the knees», explain the Pin Twins.

The working time will be 40 seconds and 20 rest. Each exercise will be repeated 2 times.
Exercise 6: Iron with front arm lift

You must face down, supporting the toes and forearms. Raise the body to form a straight horizontal line, hold in the position for about 30 seconds and then lower to the starting position. The variant of this exercise consists in raising the arm in a frontal position, once with each arm. If you exercise in company, stand in front of the person you do the routine with and practice bumping your palms. «Remember to keep the tension in the abs and do not separate the feet more than the width of the shoulders», advises Gemma Pineda.

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