Halle Berry’s ideal workout

The actress has become a benchmark for fitness thanks to the exercise routines she shares on Instagram.

Halle Berry is a model and actress of film and television, but among her more than 5 million followers on social networks are many people who admire her for her passion for sports. Yes, for several years now the winner of a Golden Globe has become an example to follow in the world of fitness. By leaps and bounds but with good lyrics, Halle Berry, 53, especially shares on Instagram some of the exercises she frequently performs: those that strongly strengthen her abs.

However, and despite the fact that sport is an essential point in her life, the actress is preparing her new role in the cinema and for this she needs to strengthen the core even more. «There is no better feeling than setting a goal and achieving it. One of my goals for #BruisedTheMovie? Defined abs. Today I finally got it and I feel amazing! ”, He wrote on his Instagram account. He talks about the new film that he will direct and star alongside the actress Blake Lively. The secret to preparing your role in the movie? Lean on his trainer Peter Lee Thomas, who knows perfectly the exercises he has to perform to work all muscle groups. And, as generous as she has been accustomed to her followers, the model shows her routines that include squats, strides, irons or exercises to tone arms.

There is no training to resist him

Not only is he preparing almost daily with a “personal trainer”, he is also working with professionals from the world of fighting to improve his boxing skills, a discipline for which the actress has confessed her passion on more than one occasion, and learn other related to mixed martial arts, such as muay thai.

Source of motivation

Every Friday, Halle Berry gives in her social networks the basic keys to improve in the fitness world. «Hydration: we are made of 60% water, and replenishing that amount can have life-changing effects in the body: weight loss, higher energy levels, better cardiovascular health and younger skin. So today we challenge everyone to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, every day, ”he advised, among other things.

In the images that Halle Berry shares, the actress’s commitment to her general physical state is reflected. She is passionate about keeping her body in top shape and likes to share what she has learned over the years with her fans through Instagram. His social profile is full of fitness tips and suggestions, as well as inspiring messages to his followers: he usually flaunts his torn abs, the result of basic exercises carried out at home or in the gym, in images that reflect the hard work there is behind that perfect figure.


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