Indian Democracy is a farce

Why such stickers are pasted in government offices dealing with public?? What fear the employees have in these offices unless they are doing something wrong because of which they are afraid of getting thrashed by public? Are such protection not providing the government machinery to exert its power on common people? I think, it is […]

Not unemployment, India has a Salary problem

India’s job problem is not as grave as the salary problem we face. Unemployment – the news that we see? Media reports & the statistics say India has an unemployment problem & that the unemployment is nibbling away at our economy, slowing down growth, reducing demand etc..etc. I disagree. Unemployment should actually help the industry […]

Is the Congress still alive?

The whole country is triumphant with the new law on challan rates, and the only all-India opposition party is sleeping. These rates should not go up, nobody wants that. With increasing all-round traffic within the country, indiscipline among people also increased. And the talk of ‘traffic sense’ was never in Indian species. Like every modern […]