Impeachment of President Trump. Why, How & Who is involved?

In impeachment, the president of the USA can be removed from his office of presidency by being voted out on grounds of corruption, impropriety or moral turpitude via direct voting to be held in both houses on Two third majority. Howsoever it may seem, impeachment process is not the same as criminal conviction, it being more of a political removal in nature.

Social Media is the new War Zone for politics

When you block or unfriend someone for their opinion, don’t ever think that you are the good person and they are bad. No, everyone has their own opinion. But if their opinion or view of the world just doesn’t click with you, you have every right to block, unfriend, or dissociate with them completely. Ad […]

Man Vs Wild & Pulwama

When you watch Man v/s Wild featuring Narendra Modi, just take time to remember that this episode was shot in Jim Corbett Park on the day when 46 Soldiers of CRPF were blown to pieces at Pulwama. The PM did not respond to the crisis for a full four hours and not before he addressed […]

2019 assembly elections : Which ways is the wind blowing?

As it is now distinctly becoming clear, 2019 General Elections is a vote for Hindu Identity Assertion. 2014 General Elections showed that minorities (read Muslim) votes and constituency didnt matter and somebody strongly opposed by this community can win clear majority that never happened in 30 years. 2014 General Elections showed that the second largest […]

Bhakts, Don’t Paint all Bengalis with one brush

My dear friends from North India, You are making life extremely difficult for us each day by continously singling out and abusing the Bengalis in general, thus providing fodder to the separatist Banglapokkho and the ruling dispensation here. Their opinion and that of the communists do not represent the thoughts of the majority of Bengal. You […]

Kashmiri terrorists want only Kashmiri Muslims, think other muslims are inferior!

Five Bengali Muslim workers killed by Kashmiri Muslim terrorists. This is fourth such attack on and murder of innocent civilians after Article 370 is revoked. This goes to show the dirty face of Kashmiri Islamic terror that has killed thousands of Kashmiri Pandits, well meaning Kashmiri Muslims who opposed separatism and terrorism, and security personnel […]

Why this hypocrisy for cattle smugglers?

Why does the media not cover the murders and atrocities committed by cattle smugglers ?? Yes they do but no one raises a Hue and cry over it. More deaths occur through these killings than otherwise. Here are some details along with newspaper clippings 1] Cattle smugglers murder a woman when she tried to stop […]