Paleo + Vegan Diet : Should we mix the two?

Combining the paleolithic or paleo diet with the vegan one may seem contradictory if we consider that the first one is based on following the feeding of our hunter and gatherer ancestors (meats, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds and some varieties of fruits and vegetables) and that the second excludes food of animal origin. However, this combined formula, which was devised by Dr. Mark Hyman in 2014, has its basis in that foods of plant origin stand out from those of animal origin and that the processed ones are reduced. It could be said, as Aina Huguet, a dietitian-nutritionist at the Alimmenta Clinic in Barcelona, ​​points out that the Pegan diet takes “the best of each diet but making small adaptations.”

To lose weight you don’t have to diet, you have to live better

Nutritionist Magda Carlas tells about some keys to adopt healthy habits to eat better and control our weight

Many are slaves to diets. They think at all times what to do to remove “those extra kilos,” which are often more an unhealthy obsession than anything else. The apple diet, the soup diet, the dangerous diet of the Mayo Clinic … try to find a miracle that helps them feel better and, what they don’t know, is that they may not focus their efforts on the direction correct.

The nutritionist Magda Carlas is very clear: learning to live in a healthy way prevails over any diet. In his new book “The diet can wait”, Carlas addresses this issue and emphasizes a slogan, that “a small dietary review” can change our lives.

Hollywood Fitness Secrets – The strict diet that Michelle Pfeiffer follows at 61

It is the strict Paleo diet that has helped the actress stay young and healthy. This diet, planned in the 70s by Walter L. Voegtlinpara, consists of consuming only lean meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. Thus, those who follow her, such as the actress, the singer Miley Cyrus or the model Adriana Lima, do not include in their food or dairy, cereals, salt, sugar, legumes and processed foods, among others. The objective of this diet is to return to a mode of feeding more similar to that of the first humans. This diet defends feeding on the nutrients that were available in the Paleolithic era.

Are you exercising but still not able to lose weight? Here is why?

To lose weight it is important to banish the idea of ​​dieting for each “event” (weddings, baptisms, communions …) or for each change of season (summer, spring …), because what really works, as explained by the Dr. María Amaro, creator of the “Amaro Method for Weight Loss” is to get healthy lifestyle habits through a diet that changes your lifestyle forever. “Forget about miracle diets!” He clarifies.

The diet of elite sports champions

If healthy and balanced eating is essential in the health of any person, in the case of elite athletes it is literally essential. And, in the case of female athletes, due to some specific genetic characteristics, the care of this diet is also indispensable.

Food, carbon footprint & energy wastage

What kinds and extents of inefficient use of energy exist in our economic system? We have many anecdotes, but have never really collected data on this in the belief that somehow, shipping apples across continents to “wax” and shipping them back to put on shelves is justifiable because people are paying for it. How much […]