These exercises put you in a good mood even if you sweat

You will not be smiling permanently while doing them, but they will help you improve your mood. To improve the good mood does not mean that you are going to exercise with a permanent smile drawn throughout the session if not, that once finished, you will feel much better and the feeling of overwhelm will […]

These are sports that improve cellulite

The activities that work the buttocks, hips and thighs help reduce the effects of orange peel. Genetics, hormones and bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol contribute to the development of unwanted cellulite, but they also influence drinking little water, following a diet loaded with carbohydrates and a sedentary lifestyle. According to data from […]

This is how the female body models high intensity training

Crossfit, HIIT, burpees  … These terms may have been new (or even unknown) a few years ago, but today they are already common in the vocabulary of people who are willing to get fit, whether they are men or women. However, experts say that false myths still persist about whether or not women practice high […]

Just 29 minutes for 29 days to a new body!

Personal trainer Jose Expósito has developed a method to model the body that consists of exercise for 29 minutes a day for 29 days. Have you heard of Jose Expósito’s method? The personal trainer has found the formula to get in shape in less than a month, specifically in 29 days, and this training has […]

Waff: the inflatable cushion that stylizes the body of the famous

Coaches Miguel Ángel Peinado and Martín Giacchetta include this fitness accessory in many of their trainings with celebrities. Exercising on an inflatable mat has become a “must” for the most fitness. The idea was born thanks to the creators of Waff, one of the best selling mattresses. The French Dominic Soares and Fabrice Gautier a […]

This is how Michelle Obama gets abdominal abs at 55

The former former First Lady of the United States has revealed what the core power exercise is. How many times we will have heard that “Sometimes I do not feel like playing sports, but the feeling of well-being that I have once done is incalculable.” You usually hear it from people around you, fashion icons, […]

How to avoid the typical injuries you have in the gym

Not warming up correctly or performing the exercises wrongly can lead to training complications. Going to the gym is becoming a more common habit. So much so that, according to the latest Sports Statistics Yearbook conducted by the Ministry of Sports, 46.6% of Spaniards exercise weekly. But, although going to the gym on a regular […]

Aero Yoga: guide to get fit by hanging on a sheet

The key to this discipline, full of benefits, lies in trusting a hanging hammock. You do not need to be a contortionist or acrobat to get on the “swing” of the aeroyoga: you simply have to develop your feeling of confidence to let yourself be carried entirely by a sheet that hangs from the ceiling […]