Should you workout for the social media?

For those well-wishers who do not know very well what to think with this title, we are not deviating. We keep talking about strength and sport. There is a sports pornography, it is not cataloged as such and if you put it on Google the search results will take you somewhere else. I will try […]

Paula Inspirafit: People run above their means

Coach Paula Butragueño gives us three keys to start running Going for a run is a “good, beautiful and cheap” option to exercise and supplement a healthy diet. But, even if it seems something as simple as going outside and starting the race, running can be tedious and even dangerous if it is not approached […]

Marcos Vázquez, creator of the revolutionary Fitness blog: To burn fat, balance your hormones

The creator of the blog «Fitness Revolutionary», Marcos Vázquez, reveals what are the four fundamental exercises to burn calories and gain muscle mass Techniques that allow weight loss from one day to another have not yet been designed (coach Jose Expósito developed a method to achieve goals in 29 days), but there are some exercises […]

The trick to fight the bulge is in the diet

These discomforts are caused by microroturas in the muscle fiber after performing movements that we are not accustomed to perform The sores appear after exercising some part of the body in an intense way, and although they are often confused with injuries, it is a pain that appears in the muscles after having been subjected […]