Is the Congress still alive?

The whole country is triumphant with the new law on challan rates, and the only all-India opposition party is sleeping.
These rates should not go up, nobody wants that. With increasing all-round traffic within the country, indiscipline among people also increased. And the talk of ‘traffic sense’ was never in Indian species. Like every modern thing and idea, ‘automobiles’ were also imported from the West, and were not developed here. Had we done, we might have gone through the process of development step by step, we would have got an inner understanding of it, we would have developed traffic sense.

Is the Congress still alive?

Of course this is an increase in invoice rates, but so much !! ten times !! Is anyone blind? If you think they are afraid and disciplined due to very high invoice rates in Europe and America, then remember something else too. There, these rates have increased over time. You would also experiment with these invoice rates. We would have doubled them, let’s triple it. The challan which is 100 would have become 300. Had it been two or three years, if the results had not been as per the thinking, then it would have been 500 straight. In this way you could come up to 1000 slowly. Maybe people will get scared as soon as they come to five hundred, they do not move forward. But you want immediate results, immediate results! Then even if the public remains a cheat. Anyway, from 8 November 2016, the poor thing is nervous thinking that when a Betal and his uninspired henchmen in the center bring ‘Siapa’ to his life. And look, Siapa has emerged! That one too big enough to make the imagination dizzy !!
In such a situation, the people are beating their heads at their own levels. Because the media has already sold in those who cry on her side. He does not even have the benefit of saying anything. Later on, it is only a matter of which ‘Begrat’ got his face. No hope from the newspaper nor any hope from the TV people. Both of them who have become the mouthpieces of the government turned their faces towards the people. But the real surprise is that what is the Congress’ All India Opposition party doing after all?
No large-scale protests, no huge sit-in demonstrations. No rallies, no notable speeches. Not even a shrill comment. This is when every other person of the country indulges in this discussion. After all, at what rate should he beat his head. Better opposition to Congress is happening on social sites. Had they not been there, it would have seemed as if a divine law had been removed from heaven, which the Indian public accepted devoutly.
Will the Congress come back on this basis? Introduced such a big issue of demonetisation into the soil. First Rahul made a noise and then after meeting Modi took silence! Why, we all understand this. The whole country was suffering the brunt of the ridiculous decision of a mad Tughlaq and no one came to his aid. A large section understood it as an inclination for the welfare of the country and the poor! No one got on the streets, making fierce reactions and explained to him that this is the most ‘stupid’ step ever. This is the greatest stupidity of economic history. A clown arranged to open us naked and the Congress was blushing.
Not as great, not as important, but a big issue is in front. The great feature of this issue is that it is widespread across the country. Every man is thinking on this, talking about it, agitated about it. A poor government that has shaken the country financially may be surrounded by this issue. The burning frustration and outrage over the economic prudence of the government across the country can turn this burning subject into a positive energy. If anyone is getting sarcastic about my point, then let them know that the BJP government in Delhi was defeated only on the issue of ‘onion’ in 1998 and could not come back till today. And that was the result of the effective street protests by a working Congressman who had exposed every failure of the government on the pretext of onion. Yes, if you are scared of some of your leaders’ jail yatra and depression, then the option of wearing political bangles is left. Put on
By the way, opportunities never end. They would keep coming, they would keep coming. Sometimes it produces our karma, sometimes it causes the failure of our political enemy. When all is over, the desire to struggle, the zeal to do something and the self-confidence to draw results. And as soon as all of these are over, the jeejivisha begins to fade, the spirit of survival.
Know why I think that the desire to live in the Congress is dying.

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