Why has this government come down to extortion of the general public?

The recent amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act make it an extraordinarily stringent lagislation, if not an outright parody of the dire straits the Indian society finds itself in.

By now it’s fairly common knowledge that fines, penalties & punishments have been increased from 2 to 10 times with severe criminal prosecution thrown in for all violations. The law abiding Indian citizenry has been reduced to inorganic criminal slavery from whom as much as possible needs to be looted aka extorted.

By targeting the entire population of 130 crores + with idiotic, unreasonably exorbitant penalties, the RSS government led by Narendra Modi of the infamous Gujarat model has far exceeded the torment & torture which even the British colonialists did not subject their biggest slave nation to. They too sometimes levied heavy land revenue but always compensated by building infrastructure that built India then & which still contributes to the majority of the infrastructure we have, despite 72 years of independence having passed.

As every one knows by now, the present government has built nothing but a slew if slogans viz make in India, skill in India, clean in India, live in India, sleep in India…..xxx in India & what not. The Modi – Doval – Shah – Jaitley combine has miserably failed in doing anything or getting anything done despite lowest oil prices, absolute majority in the parliament, international economics on an upswing & the world’s biggest battle hardened core cadre of crores.

To keep fines at Rs. 10000+ in a country where the majority is impoverished or underemployed if not unemployed & where the average Indian per capita income is even lesser than the above fine is the cruelest joke any ruler can play on its own population. How will the people pay when they don’t have jobs or businesses, salaries are unpaid for months even in government establishments, entrepreneurs have no demand from the customer side, industrial houses are falling like nine pins so much so that the only topics discussed in news debates are Hindu-Muslim & how bad Pakistan is? Well, even that evil Pakistan is growing at a faster rate than us. Much much faster!

Indian federalism is designed as a welfare state & the government must be the biggest benefactor out of all democracies in the world. That being so, however, no stone is left unturned (of course, by the ruling elites) to fail the people of the nation at every available opportunity. Public facilities are non existent, healthcare (whatever has remained of it) has crumbled, education is a big comedy of errors, civil infrastructure is as dilipidated as would resemble war torn Stalingrad after the scorched earth policy & most importantly zero governance. What right & moral authority does the government have to increase & charge such hefty fines & penalties from a broke population? They don’t have any.

What must we, the common man then do? Nothing. Keep paying. Why? Because there are no choices, no alternatives. Opportunities to protest exist, as given to us by the constitution, but they had long back been trampled over by the state propoganda machinery & almost entirely bought out prestitute media. The only way out is to vote reasonably, think before voting & search for the truth before thinking.

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