Who won & who lost? Maharashtra & Haryana assembly elections 2019

So it is slender majority in Maharastra and hung assembly in Haryana and not 2/3 majority as predicted by many pollsters
So Rajdeep Sardesai’s INDIA TODAY – AXIS survey was the only exit poll which got it right
BJP-SS win retain Maharastra but with a lesser majority and BJP will have to depend heavily on Shiv sena and even give Dy CM to SS
And in Haryana it will be coalition GOVT and KARNATAKA like scenario
So in all the results are bad for BJP and will give a big kick to congress who were totally down
This is what makes indian politics so interesting
You can never take it for granted or take rest
Looks like Delhi will also be tough to conquer as Kejriwal is keeping his mouth shut and working on ground while BJP is over confident after 2019 election wins
When it comes to Modi VS Rahul – Modi wins hands down
But in assembly polls it is local leaders, local issues and ticket distribution
And the bigger issues like 370 or UCC won’t work
It is all about Roti Kapda Makaan Sadak Bijli Paani issues
With Amit shah not overlooking these things, BJP has to build a new leadership who can win assemblies
Otherwise they will lose to losers and will end up with lot of opposition GOVT in states and will also never get full majority in Rajya Sabha
Bjp is big learner and I hope they learn their lessons well

In his interaction with the media on Thursday afternoon, Devendra Fadnavis said as much. “It is time to celebrate and not analyse. If we look at the result, the BJP in 2014 contested 260 seats and won 122. This time, we fought 164 and are likely to get 105. Our strike is rate better. We won 70% of the seats,” he said.

But he knows that herein lies the problem. Having contested 164 seats, the BJP high command had expected victory on at least 130. The party had allowed Fadnavis to call the shots in the run-up to the elections. From forging alliance with the Sena, to ticket distribution, dumping several senior leaders and replacing them with new faces, the BJP was clear that its Fadnavis was the tallest leader in Maharashtra. Now if he’s transferred to Delhi, it will be seen as a “punishment posting”, said political analyst Prakash Akolkar.

But there is little doubt the aura of invincibility that Fadnavis wore has been stripped off.

 In his bastion Nagpur, his victory margin was below 50,000 votes when he was expected to steamroll his Congress rival Ashish Deshmukh by over one lakh vote. Contrast this with the performance of Ajit Pawar, who crushed his BJP rival in Baramati by 1.65 lakh votes.

MEA is not involved and not coordinating the visit. The MEA has raised questions about the manner in which the delegation, the first foreign group to visit Kashmir Valley since August 5, was organised.

An international Biz Broker Madi Sharma and her obscure think tank called WESTT were the tour brokers!

Madi’s claim: All expenses for the visit (flight & accommodation) would be sponsored by the Delhi-based International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies (IINS)!

Madi’s Brokering: “I am organising a prestigious VIP meeting with the Prime Minister of India, His Excellency Narendra Modi and it is my privilege to offer this invitation to you.
As you will be aware Prime Minister Modi had a landslide victory in the recent elections in India and is planning to continue on his path of growth and development for India the country and its people. In that respect, he would like to meet influential decision makers from the European Union.”

Most of the MEPs belonged to anti-immigrant, right-wing parties like Germany’s AFD, UK’s Brexit Party, Italy’s Forta Italia, France’s National Rally Party and Poland’s Law and Justice Party.

 In Haryana Khattar deserves a lot of credit for getting those 40 seats because he’s a non jat standing in a Jat state and Jats hate being ruled by a non Jat. He also stood against reservations for the Jat. So he deserves a lot of credit. Haryana is completely dominated by caste based politics and India’s economic growth matters very little here. Among the majority from the Independents were Bjp people who didn’t get tickets but wanted to prove their worth to BJP by standing separately. So it’s an overall win for BJP here

The problem with data analysis on a random excel file is that it doesn’t give you the local context. Maha and Haryana are still unfriendly turfs as far as BJP is concerned. Look at the past records of the Congress for over 70 years. To be able to come close to majority convincingly and actually become a CM second time in succession is historic, and just for Fadnavis I may add.

In 2014, BJP won 122 seats on the name of Modi and Munde, without any alliance. In 2019, despite having an alliance, BJP won lesser seats. This shows the ineffectiveness of Devendra Fadnavis.

Fadanavis did splendid job. Shiv Sena kept on threatening to withdraw support and still he kept not only alliance but also majority intact! In coming years BJP will grow stronger. As Sharad Pawar is growing old, NCP will suffer. Congress will also suffer owing to lack of leadership.

BJP has not performed well in these election! It has to realise Maharashtra is not UP! If people won’t see results they wd vote them out. Devendra Phadnis himself has to introspect! How has he changed Nagpur in 5 years? Nagpur is becoming Amethi of BJP! CM from Nagpur and Minister from Nagpur… but no economical development in Nagpur! MIHAAN is still paining so many Nagpurkars including me. Nagpur has resources but zero development. By running a metro train Nagpur won’t become a Metro!

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