Who are the coaches of celebrities?

They take care of making the best known faces of our country sweat and have become their best allies.

There are those who are changing the gym for a personal trainer, and the swap is proving to be the most effective … They take care of making the best known faces of our country sweat and have become their best allies because they thoroughly study their goals: the personal trainers of celebrities have been in the media focus for several years and all thanks to Instagram, the platform that has relaunched their professional careers and has given them the visibility necessary to demonstrate to everyone through photos and videos that there is no obstacle that gets in the way. Burpees, squats, boxing and a host of other disciplines are what make them famous to tone their bodies and firmly approach their desired goals.

Iñaky García

He is one of the best known Spanish coaches in Spain and in recent years has added to his list countless names of celebrities. Lara Álvarez, Adrián Lastra, David Bustamente or Paula Echevarría are just some of the celebrities who have put themselves in the hands of Iñaky García, in charge of highlighting the biceps, marking the abdomen and achieving more muscle elasticity.

Jose Expósito

Jose Expósito has traveled practically the whole world and from each place he has acquired the necessary sports knowledge to create a complete fitness routine. The majority of “influencers” settled in Barcelona have passed through their gyms, such as Jessica Goicoechea, Laura Escanes or Nina Urgell, but also Risto Mejide or Irene Junquera. In his book «XT29. Success training »The necessary ingredients are gathered so that your body acquires the form you are looking for Michelangelo Hairstyle

Paula Ordovás, the most influential “influencer” on Instagram, has been working with Miguel Ángel Peinado, her personal trainer for several years, and is the greatest example of perseverance and perseverance. Have you noticed the enormous physical change of Madrid? Your personal trainer is essential and a motivation shot in the life of the blogger. There is no exercise to resist it! Singer David Bisbal has also required the training of Miguel Ángel Peinado to maintain his figure.

Maite Aguirre

If you are looking for a professional yoga teacher Maite Aguirre, also known on Instagram as @soy_yogi, she will become your perfect ally given the level of learning she will transmit, all with a touch of fun as Cristina Pedroche shows in each video and photo that Share with her. She has been a reference in yoga for several years and stopped being just a teacher of the “Zapeando” collaborator to become great friends.

Pedro Bianco

He was a professional cyclist and become a personal trainer his next goal. Got. After many years of experience, María Pombo and María Fernández Rubíes are just some of the “influencers” who train with him. Pedro Bianco has been in charge of indoctrinating the necessary exercises to lift back, mark abs and gain muscle mass.

Cristina Diaz

Blanca Suárez, Aitana Ocaña, Laura Escanes and Sara Sálamo are just some of the famous Spaniards who have contacted her to shape their respective figures or keep fit during or after a pregnancy. The “personal trainer” develops a training according to the conditions of each of their clients and with a weekly routine finally both depart ends up satisfied with the result. As expected!

Magali Dalix

After being a professor at the well-known Academy of «Operation Triumph» Magali Dalix has achieved incredible recognition. She loves to practice any kind of sport and among her students is the blogger and businesswoman Aida Domenech, better known as Dulceida. It has accompanied him to countless trips where sports rest was not allowed. Having Magali as a personal trainer is synonymous with goals achieved with effort.

Ivan Perujo

It is one of the most famous «personal trainers» in our country since it has trained numerous stars in the world of entertainment, sports, music … Malú, Iker Casillas and countless other celebrities have relied on Ivan’s method Perujo to maintain weight and gain elasticity and strength, among others.

Noe Todea

If you have ever wondered who Pilar Rubio’s “personal trainer” is, you would like to know that Noe Todea is the one who helps you achieve your physical goals and have the enviable figure of which you presume.

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