Where is IAC now? Anna Hazare has almost disappeared!

I don’t believe, I just know that IAC, Anna, Kejriwal etc were planted by BJP/RSS to ring up an air around the country, that everything around us is corrupt and that UPA was responsible for it. So whether it was the MCD guy whom you bribed for making an extra room or the Jal board inspector who lowered your meter readings for a mere 200 bucks or the traffic cop at the lights. Everything got attributed to the UPA 2. Everything. You weren’t corrupt. You were clean !

This led to a massive anti incumbency wave which the funders of the IAC ( the Saffronites) rode to form the most damaging, divisive and disregarding professional advice govt of independent India.

AK rode on this to become the Delhi CM. I’ve been a fool myself having campaigned for him big-time in 2015. Like many others I was ill informed and took things at face value.

Yes, you may have your own beliefs basis your own information, experience or even bias. To me AK & IAC were huge catalysts in getting BJP to power. That is another matter, that AAP has done some really commendable work in water, electricity, education & health. They score well in these areas.

But it is down right silly to blame the muffler man for pollution in North India. Every year pollution peaks around this time because of paddy burning in northern states. Every year. Our Diwali madness just compounds it more. Just 3/4 weeks ago the air quality Index of Delhi was very good. In fact the best we’ve seen in many years. I saw no one, credit AK or AAP for it. And yes, rightly so. It’s the air, that we all contribute to. Yes, regulations help in small measures.

In a few days the paddy fires will go, air quality will improve and life will be back as usual. But the fortnight of poison would’ve done it’s damage. But we,we will forget. There are many causes of pollution, but just think why it gets this bad during this fortnight each year. Clearly the Field fires spike the PM levels by a factor or 3/4. Neither will we question our govt nor pressurize them to criminalise paddy burning ( this is bloody murder ). In two weeks we will forget this until the clouds of toxins blow here next year.

Like Yashwant Sinha aptly put, we have stopped asking questions , forgotten the art of protesting. Because that is now considered anti national na.

So Bolo Jai Shri Ram, Vande Maataram & BMKJ. Ab ek lambaa saaans andar lijiye aur mazze se mariye.

Aur haan , Pakistan ko gaali bhi dijiyega, Anand milega !

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