What the opposition needs to do in UP & Bihar to defeat Modi?

The mindset through which the opposition wants to come to power, will be further away from power. There are many reasons for this.

1. Maya, Mamta, Akhilesh, Tejashwi, Pawar, Naidu, Rahul are doing politics which used to influence the voters of twenty years ago, but not now.

2. Crores of new voters are added every five years, they are educated at a very conscious and ideological level as of today.

3. Media is no longer the media it was twenty years ago. If you say or do anything inconsistent, indecisive, unpopular, it will immediately reach home across the country.

4. Social media will make a perception of any statement, fact or activity in the blink of an eye. It is not easy to break the perception created. Rahul’s Pappu’s conception stuck like this, he could not come out of that image.

5. The new voter is now rejecting the politics of dynastic politics to a large extent and in politics the dynastic leaders can be seen struggling in the coming times.

6. Now you can hide the wealth created by corruption, but you cannot escape from the eyes of the public and agencies. Mayawati, Mulayam Kunba, Lalu’s fodder theft, Mamata’s Sarada-Narada connection, brother-in-law’s real estate business, etc.

7. Now it will be difficult to fabricate a false narrator unless you have strong evidence and you can prove them in the Supreme Court, then only your credibility can be maintained. Because now in the morning people reach the Supreme Court. A rut brought Rahul to his knees after apologizing to the Supreme Court thrice.

8. The country wants to be self-sufficient from mango to special, not by becoming a crutch.

9. Whatever party or leader opposes nationalism or nationalism in India, it will get unexpected results. This sensitive issue is universal, universal, be it India or America, or any country in the world, the religion and nationalism of the majority will always be on the first place.

10. With the advent of media, social media, technology, now everyone’s ambitions are increasing, he also needs infrastructure like America, electricity, water, road, hospital, school-college, everything from village to city, which he developed Looking at countries. And the one who fulfills this hope and aspiration will do better, he will also come to power and can live among the people for a long time. The political history of Singapore is before us.

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