To lose weight you don’t have to diet, you have to live better

Nutritionist Magda Carlas tells about some keys to adopt healthy habits to eat better and control our weight

Many are slaves to diets. They think at all times what to do to remove “those extra kilos,” which are often more an unhealthy obsession than anything else. The apple diet, the soup diet, the dangerous diet of the Mayo Clinic … try to find a miracle that helps them feel better and, what they don’t know, is that they may not focus their efforts on the direction correct.

The nutritionist Magda Carlas is very clear: learning to live in a healthy way prevails over any diet. In his new book “The diet can wait”, Carlas addresses this issue and emphasizes a slogan, that “a small dietary review” can change our lives.

What should we do to lose weight without diets?

The most effective is to review our daily dietary habits, analyze how we eat and who we eat with. It is not so much to make a diet, but to be aware of how we approach food.

Any concrete example that we can apply?

Clear! It is important not to eat quickly, in a comfortable environment and with people with whom we are comfortable. It is also essential to check the volume of food we eat, because it can be healthy, but too much. Also check how we spice up the food, see if we consume too much soda, or if we peck too much … all these are fundamental habits and that we must take care of.

It seems that we must do is find a balance …

That is, we must find a balance between what we need, according to our age, weight, fitness and tastes, and what we eat. We must also find a balance between what we would like our body to be, for aesthetics and our weight, and what we really can be. It is important to lose weight when identifying, but we should not become obsessed.

So, do our thinking and perception matter in how we eat?

We must take into account what we buy and what we choose. It is as important as our relationship with leisure and food. We must also look at whether we are very greedy when we go to a restaurant. And of course in what relationship we have with food. What do we want to aspire to? Is food important for us or is it a simple procedure? Is it a pleasure, what we like most in life?

Healthy snack

The nutritionist gives us a few tips to be able to have healthy snacks that complement our diet in a balanced way. “The nuts are very energetic but they are very healthy, they have many nutrients, the fruit is also interesting,” he explains and continues: “We can eat a homemade sandwhich, it will always be better than a packaged pastry. We can also opt for a fruit yogurt ». Carlas points out that the important thing is not to fall into “frankly negative” things, such as industrial pastries, very fatty cakes or sweets. «All that hurts us a lot. These snacks should be an exception, although we should not mortify ourselves »

What advice would you give to someone who eats a lot to adopt healthier eating habits?

I would tell him to learn to eat healthy, and above all, to realize that there are a lot of very healthy things that are gastronomically great. And don’t forget that the amount we eat can be modulated. There is no need to associate enjoying food overdose.

And for whom it is a tedium to eat?

That there are a thousand options and that they should be cooked well. I would tell him to find what he likes, surely there are things within the infinite number of options. And do not be obsessed: it is not essential that we love to eat, the only thing that is essential is that we are healthy.

Within these healthy habits, what role do ultraprocesses play?

To eat well we must eat few processed foods, it is evident, what happens is that there are many things that are processed and are almost inevitable, we will not do without a tomato sauce or bread.

It must also be said that there are more and less healthy people in the process. For example, canned chickpeas are one thing and precooked food, with sauces and condiments, is something else. But the less the better.

Is it possible to lose weight without miracles?

What we must do is observe our habits regarding food and improve them. How we buy, how we plan the menu, what quantities of food we put, as well as who we eat with and at what speed.

It is also important to review what we do on the weekend: if we bite or do not bite, if we drink a lot of alcohol … it is not worth taking a salad and then binging upon alcohol.

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