This is how the female body models high intensity training

Crossfit, HIIT, burpees

 … These terms may have been new (or even unknown) a few years ago, but today they are already common in the vocabulary of people who are willing to get fit, whether they are men or women. However, experts say that false myths still persist about whether or not women practice high intensity training. Among the most widespread is the fear of strengthening the figure too much or disproportionately increasing muscle volume. It is likely that some time ago some people related high intensity training (HITT). Every day there are more women who discover high intensity training and its benefits. However, many women are afraid to try this type of training for fear of increasing their muscle volume, one of the most common female fitness myths and, at the same time, a totally false belief.

«If you want to improve your body, your strength and your confidence, this sport is the best way to do it. Never let these myths take away your desire, sometimes they are excuses, ”says Freeletics physical training specialist Vanessa Gebhardt.

Although in practice differences are observed when training between men and women, these are due to the different objectives that each person wishes to achieve. However, there are no physiological, metabolic or biological reasons that lead us to think that it is a more suitable training for men than for women. “The important thing is the marked goal and not sex,” says the expert.

The benefits of HIIT for women

The high intensity interval program (HIIT) that models the areas that most concern a woman should include body weight exercises to work the quadriceps, buttocks and abdominals in order to strengthen and tone the lower train. Once the program is completed (12 weeks), these would be some of the positive effects it has on the female body:

    1.It is effective against body fat
    2.Tone the muscles
    3.Functional training
    4.Train the mind
    5.Strong muscles, strong back
    6.Protect from muscle weakness
    7. Strengthens connective tissue

It is known that high intensity training in combination with resistance units is especially effective as it stimulates the metabolism and provides a high “afterburn effect” (recovery period of our body during which it continues to burn fat even though exercise is no longer being performed ).

The factors that harden muscle tissue are, on the one hand, the reduction in the amount of body fat and, on the other, the strengthening of muscles through intramuscular growth, as well as an increase in glycogens and water accumulation. Although the female musculature is capable of developing hypertrophy, its low level of testosterone prevents it from reaching the size and speed it reaches in the male musculature.

It is recommended to train large muscle groups at the same time to achieve a better body perception, a more upright posture and greater movement safety, something that manifests itself in everyday actions.

Did you know that during high intensity exercises our body releases the well-known hormones of happiness? In addition, it also reduces the activity of various regions of the brain, which has an effect similar to a reset for the brain. That moment is perfect to disconnect and leave everyday problems behind. In the short and long term, this also entails a more balanced behavior, better mood and, in addition, trains the ability to concentrate on oneself: here and now.

Improving the muscles in the dorsal and lumbar area is one of the main goals of women to avoid injuries and backaches. Pushups and burpees, or situps, strengthen the back and center of the body.
Protects from muscle weakness

Women are exposed to an increased risk of osteoporosis, since these hormones are directly related to bone growth and density.

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