The real Trump & American elections.

In America till the last time to defeat Trump, there were thinkers, intellectuals, political analysts but no one could stop Trump from becoming President. Even today, Trump’s critics abound in America. I saw and read many of Trump’s books. He is very clear, visionary and nationalist. His thinking was not going to nurture any particular class. According to him, America and Americans are in first place. If such thinking is formed in India too, then what is the harm in it? When you compromise the national identity and national values ​​with some immediate fleeting selfishness beyond the nation, the generations to come have to bear the brunt of it. Thousands of years of India’s slavery were the culmination of this thinking, which we all are facing today. Why any person of any religion and caste is so reluctant to follow the policies of Indian Constitution? If you do not like it, then the nation that feels good should go there and settle, and anyway human nature and civilization has been wandering and traveling.

Donald Trump has spoken of mediation in Jammu and Kashmir over Hindu-Muslim. While the world’s largest racism is still present in America. There are some states in 50 states of America where racism is so high that even today blacks are forced to live a low standard of life. Trump and America first end racism in their country and its partisan policies around the world which not only create instability, but millions of people die prematurely. The biggest thing to be seen is that most of the weapons found by terrorists around the world are from America itself. So who supplies them?

Elections are to be held in America and the achievement of US President Donald Trump as President is not special. During Trump’s tenure, American relations reached a very delicate stage at the international level. America’s trade relations with China have not only deteriorated, but are also weak at the diplomatic level. At the same time, Trump’s style of functioning in European countries did not get the importance that former President Barack Obama had. It has been the focus of the trump in Southeast Asia and his previous visits to some countries in the region were also in this perspective, but the trumps remained empty handed. Elections are near, they want to achieve something which is historic in the international world.

They see business first in every country and diplomacy. Because his entire life was around business, it is difficult to think of an out-of-business trump. The latest example of this is the postponement of the tour to Denmark, because there was no Greenland business deal there, then suddenly the tour was canceled and it does not matter to them what the message in the world will be. That is why they are trumps. Trump wants to engage India with Afghanistan, while Pakistan and J&K also want to enter India. Which is impossible. And it is certain that this same fury of Trump can do a big blunder before the elections in America, which should not surprise the world.

At the same time, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is known for the same behavior and style in the collision of Trump, is also in the field. Who has just become the new Prime Minister. Boris’s actions have also come out of the UK and are making headlines in the international world. Now it has to be seen what these two absolutely unique leaders do and what headlines they bring.

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