The idiocy of social media fitness

For those well-wishers who do not know very well what to think with this title, we are not deviating. We keep talking about strength and sport. There is a sports pornography, it is not cataloged as such and if you put it on Google the search results will take you somewhere else. I will try to explain it. Internet and social networks have given us access to knowledge whose value is incalculable. On the contrary, an insignificant amount of information or content arrives on our screens every day whose lack of veracity, relevance or even bad intention makes them stand out in the “must” of the globalized information society.

Focusing the debate on exercise and health, we enter a bogged ground with false promises of quick and effortless results. Bodies that only exist on the day of the photo. Commercial intentions are not always lawful. Countless videos of people doing real feats, not to call it barbaric. This is what I call sports pornography: you understand what you see, you have even tried, but that transfer to real life bursts against you. It could be fun, except for the fact that trying to repeat or emulate something that escapes your possibilities, either due to technical difficulty or by touching the limits of the physically attainable, can seriously injure you. I’m going to give you a couple of tricks so you know how to identify a “sports porn” video.

Understand who is the protagonist

Knowing the person who runs the video can give you serious clues to what you see. If you couldn’t think of imitating Fernando Alonso with your car, why are you going to try to lift the weight of a former athlete of the world weightlifting elite? We must understand that their trajectory, training, extraordinary physical qualities and perfect knowledge of the technique, allows them to reach territories that, simply and clearly, I tell you, are not attainable by the rest of the mortals. So you do not want to enjoy some sports porn, I recommend one of the best of its kind: Dmitri Klókov. Now that you are on notice you can watch his multiple videos on YouTube. And remember, what you do is neither normal nor imitable, unless you are a professional with many years of experience…. and strength.
Klokov in one of his numbers.


It is ugly to be distrustful by nature. But we talk about health so every precaution is little. Analyze if what you are seeing or what they say you are seeing is real, that it is not the same. There are examples that touch the comic by the obvious of the fraud, such as discs of hollow weights or statements so exaggerated that they do not even need to be denied.

In other cases the “fake” can be very well crafted, but you can always be critical of what you see. Let’s return to an example to understand it easily. If we know that the runners of the final of an athletics test have finished all between three minutes and three minutes twenty seconds is it credible that the neighbor of the room puts a video stating that he has run that distance on a rainy Saturday in a park , with a time of three minutes ten seconds? It does not matter the screenshot that I show you of your application of the latest generation phone with which you go running. He, with his work, family, few hours of rest, improved food and hardly three workouts per week; It is impossible that you are in a brand that would take you to the final of a world championship.

And after these two considerations, is it worth it?

Looking for inspiration, learning or simply having a good time watching these contents is not at all condemnable. We all do it. But the danger of porn, and this according to experts say can be applied to all genres, is that its excessive consumption can cause you to lose the perception of what is real and what is not. It can change the expectations of your workouts and make you impose unattainable goals that, in the best case, lead you to discouragement or, at worst, can cause you a serious sports injury.
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