Social Media is the new War Zone for politics

When you block or unfriend someone for their opinion, don’t ever think that you are the good person and they are bad. No, everyone has their own opinion. But if their opinion or view of the world just doesn’t click with you, you have every right to block, unfriend, or dissociate with them completely. Ad hominems and personal attacks, however, are not the way to resolve conflicts on social media or anywhere for that matter. Everyone has a right to post whatever they want. Of course we want posts which are unoffensive and not in poor taste. But in the end of the day what can we do about it? Everyone has a right to their freedom of speech and expression. Why are people getting beat up about everything any particular person says? Relax; you have a right to refute their claim as well as speak your mind as to why they are wrong. It is ideal if you can simply ignore them. But if you can’t shut your mouth, at least speak constructively against what they are saying (no personal attacks). But do leave them to their own views even if it is contemptible or distasteful to your own eyes and ears. The world doesn’t revolve around you where everything will go your way as you think in your mind you are the king of it all. Everyone has a place in this world. We all have a right to speak our minds. Of course it is good to control our speech. But we sometimes have to address our concerns through words if needed.

Final word: If you don’t like what someone says, ignore their speech or posts. If that doesn’t work, block or unfriend them. But as always, leave them to their right to freedom of speech as they probably would leave you to yours.

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