Should India have a law of treason?

There should not be a law of treason in which country then what is the importance of that country and why is the indispensability of that country?

There is support from chaotic elements to such political party who want to remove this law. The law of treason must be there but opposition to the government should not be seen as treason. It has been seen that many previous governments including Congress government have misused this law against their opponents. The creation is based on dualism, that is, if it is day, it is night and good is bad. There cannot be uniformity and monotony. If misused, it can also be misused. But due to misuse of traffic rules and bribery by the police, we cannot abolish the traffic law. Can improve them, clarify them.

The present country which is malicious law was created by the British to suppress their opposition to the Indians, which was lifted after the independence of the country, which could be changed according to the time and circumstances of the country. When he is in opposition, he opposes this law, when he comes to power, he becomes a supporter and wants to keep it. If something is wrong, it is the job of any party or government to correct it, but it cannot be played with laws or country just to make some people happy. It was a mistake to recognize Kashmir as a natural nation. Fixing it now became a bell for governments …

Treason is like breaking the rules and discipline of a family. Just as there are some rules of a family, if anyone goes outside and does something, then everyone passes away in the family. The same is for the country. If there is no law on patriotism or treason, then there can be a huge disturbance in the country. Think like this, even if there is traffic law, it will be violated, there are laws for doctors, yet complaints are received, there are laws for education and teachers, yet everything is not right.

Human society has made rules law with the evolving human civilization, because everyone’s tendency, nature, religion, education, life value, thinking are different, then it is important to have rules law. If this is not the case, then there will be huge disturbances in life and society. Nature also has its own rules and the creation operates according to its own rules. Then we became disorderly people. Now whoever understands the imperative of rules, its good for him, which does not benefit him.

We have two types of sources to create our perspective on someone. First, on the basis of information and information given by someone else, we form our opinion about that person, in which there is an opportunity to know and understand as much as he likes that person. In this, you are less likely to get accurate facts and information. At the same time we have another source, it has to be a little hard work, you also have to apply intelligence and maybe you have to loose your pocket too.

It is like self-awareness in a way. In which you do not completely trust the opinion of others. Use your conscience and your conscience. Where you would get what you really wanted to see in that person, situation, relationship, friend, employee, partner, business or company.

Let me explain with an example. Suppose you want to go to Goa. Now you get information about Goa from someone who has visited Goa. That person will tell you about the beaches, hotels, restaurants, markets etc. that he has seen and experienced during his Goa visit. But when you went to Goa yourself, you experienced a completely different beach, hotel, restaurant, culture, market, etc., which was completely different from what you were told.

Because you have a different choice – you have a different point of view, different identity. So the information from both sources is completely different. What I mean is to make your opinion about any person, situation, place, relationship, friend, partner, business and company carefully. Incorporate your personal experience, apply your intelligence. So maybe the results will be different.

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