Rahul Gandhi & the leadership crisis in Congress

Congress struggles with effective leadership crisis

We all know one basic thing that the family, society, company, organization, political parties can progress only with a skilled leadership. But it seems from the activity of the Congress, the country’s largest political party, that all the Congressmen in the boat do not understand the terrible rising waves of the sea or there are some tribes in it, as the history of the people of the tribal culture has shown that they I would fight in it or I would end my life under a Sardar or family. Then whatever the circumstances. Those people do not mix with time.

But yes, Bhasmasura is also seen to be made for the old tradition. Yes, we are talking about the Congress leadership only. The Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha is Gulmanabi Azad, and the Leader in the Lok Sabha is the Congress Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary. Both are making such statements on the abolition of Article 370 and Article 35A, which is the official stand of the Congress, the people of the country are shocked as well, many leaders of their party, young Congressmen are also shocked that what has happened to the Congress. The Why is it that in the history of the Congress, there have been many incidents where the Congress had to be embarrassed even today.

Many mistakes have been made by the Congress, although there will be mistakes if they have ruled the country, but they do not want to rectify those terrible mistakes and no sense of guilt is seen when the country changed, the generation changed and so did the hope. Will go. If the Congress does not make any major changes soon, then definitely believe that a huge loss is going to happen.

Now let’s go back a little. After the 2019 Lok Sabha election results, the Congress became so passive that no one would have thought. First, it took weeks for Rahul Gandhi to resign in the Congress whether to resign or not. Secondly, whether to accept the resignation or not. Thirdly, who should be made the new president, till now neither the round of meetings nor any hurry is there. As we all know that big companies do not live long without the CEO nor any big organization without the president.

The question is not whether not being CEO or president will affect the company or organization, the question is whether the company or organization also has the future of the people associated with the party, also their hopes and aspirations. But the Congress is most assured of this. She thinks that Miracle will be done in one bar. Whereas life or any party does not run like this. Small steps make things bigger. If you know the compounding effect, then you know how effective it is by going one step ahead when the result comes. Will talk further.

Fourthly, it has been months before the elections, but the Congress has not even started sending its spokespersons to the media to present their case. Tell me what you are afraid of. In the time of information revolution and social media dominated, if ordinary people also separate themselves, what will be the effect on their life. You can guess it yourself. When a political party does not express its concern over its ideology, social, national and global events and problems, if it does not keep its opinion, then how far can it go.

At the same time, let’s take a look about the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prime Minister Modi is such a leader who is perhaps for the first time in Indian history, that no one has been as active and understood as the pulse of the public so far. If you look at the activism of Prime Minister Modi, then you are so active every day, not only in your tours, but in the decisions of yourself and the government, where, except for the common man, the media and political analysts also do not understand that the first news in front of them Or Modi is startled by his other activity until he understands the policies.

If you look at the strategies of war, everything changes constantly there too. Plan A, Plan B, Plan C… live there. Modi’s style of work includes the commander of the battlefield, the CEO of the company, the athlete of the field, the Buddha with compassion for the society. Prime Minister Modi’s pace and pomp about the country and the world is unusual and extraordinary, which is not seen by any leader at the moment. That is why they are told that if Modi is there then it is possible.

On the other hand, it is now said that if Congress is there then it is blunder. It is only in the interest of the Congress if Rahul Gandhi or his family frees itself from its shadow. If the Congress does not adopt behavior, ideas, policy according to the sentiments of the people of the country, then no one will be able to stop the country from becoming Congress-free.

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