NRC & the illegal Bangladeshi debate

The entire debate around outsiders and foreigners has been based on the long held belief that Bangladeshi infiltrators are threatening the demography and culture of Assam. But now, as per a community wise break-up of the over 19 lakh people excluded from the final National Register of Citizens (NRC), nearly a third of the people left out of the list are actually non-Bengali people, many of whom belong to indigenous tribes and ethnic groups.
NRC has established a new jurisprudence where prosecution does not have to prove guilt, the defence has to prove innocence. All under the aegis of the SC

Problem is not here, main problem is that, why nrc not done from in regular basis? Are our people are conscious about the nrc and holding that in their hand? How admn. gives a voter card without proper documents? Any ones father, mother, sons r not enlisted in nrc, how it is possible? Tribes should be treated as natural being, they should not needed any papers. Another question should be look in carefully, what’s the basic of this crisis. because there’s not a guide line to make it correct. Now NRC become a tool for political gain and a way to busy people so that they can’t think about the govt. activities. Now this a copy of Hitler regime.

Had the nrc been updated from time to time, the people would have been conscious about their documents of citizenship and would have taken utmost care in preserving them. If any of the documents gets lost or destroyed they could get the certified copy of the same from the authority. But that updating of nrc in regular intervals which was the primary and the most important responsibility of the government has never been conducted. It is an unpardonable lapse on the part of the government. So why will the common people suffer due to the unpardonable irresponsibility of the government? When the lapses are there of the government, then why so much importance has been given on the authenticity of the documents which are to be produced by the people in support of their citizenship? Why has the list of documents have been imposed by the authority to be considered as the proof of the citizenship?

it is indicated in my views . I don’t how and why sc accepting such kind process and make so many peoples countryless . Very unfortunate.

The core issue is the unabated infiltration of foreigners in Assam including Nepalese. Assamese indigenous people want these illegal infiltrators detected and thrown out. Confusing the issue like the Bengal CM will lead to great social strife and huge loss of lives.

Scenario of Bangladesh and other places of India are different. We have failed to detect the the reason of migration / left from the Bangladesh, east Pakistan. Why till now we have raised our voice against this country? No one left his/her birthplace with joy to an uncertain destination. Indian right media raised their voice what’s happened in Pakistan but not against Bangladesh. More gross violence have been happened/ happening in Bangladesh. Which is one cause of this crisis. Second cause is ethnic insecurity of local people which is related to economical under development.

In this case state is the complainant, the burden of proof should be on the state to prove you are foreigner. The fault in nrc is that before commencing nrc the leader have to perform awareness programme. This will helps to know about nrc for the origin adivasi people of assam.

Supreme court verdict to conduct Assam NRC right now is null and void. Because it had not been done from 1947 regularly. Regular are census and voter list and ration card and aadhar which are proofs of citizenship. All have such proofs. Then why newly nrc starting 70 year back. Then in the same argument it has to be started from 1905 before partition of India

The system should make the nrc available in website with list of claimant against each legacy no and name. Just getting names included in the NRC doesn’t hide the fact that lakhs of foreign migrants entered the state and pumped up the population. Everyone knows it, so the NRC doesn’t prove anything.

The current number of nrc left out is 19 lakh … will come down …since many people claimed that they have proper documents.Moreover some people are living in assam from years ….but left out due to lack of documents.In a country like india where govt departments fails to keep record of documents, it cannot be expected that poor people can keep 50 years old documents.

And how a few pieces of paper or no paper would decide a 50+ years old person who has been settling here since generations be declared as foreigner. Besides on that note, how integrity, demography, cultural ethics would make any sense/ affect…?

What a mess. After spending 2000 crore and wasting the service of 50000 state government employees and six years forget crores of rupees spend on logistics only 4 lacs Bangladeshi. What a waste. Instead Assam government should be declared cash award of 10 lac to each of self declared Bengladeshi. That cash award would have brought much more number of foreigners. Atleast it would have released other of pain

Misplaced paranoia TOI Dt. July 30.2019 says that Belated release of Migration data for census 2011 has thrown up a interesting trend that Immigration from Bangladesh has declined in the decade ending 2011,as the economic condition is improving there. As per IMF estimates, Bangladesh is growing @ 7.5% and likely to grow faster than India in 2019-20 (it is 5% a 6 year low ,TOI Dt. 31.8.19).The fear of being swamped by illegal migration from across the border is misplaced. Further, Indian policies remain hostage to demons of the past . As NRC data of Assam showed an atmosphere of paranoia may hurt Indian citizens. Both politics and policy need to be stipulated in today’s context. Many suspect that the delay is because the figures bust the fear mongering myths of illegal immigration. The ploy is evident as is the practice of witch hunting invisible enemies in today’s polity.

NRC process is good ,but the way it was done is not welcome by everyone. due to many loopholes it became clumsy and real Indian left out…

It is very simple…much of the illegal migrants have paid lots of money to make documents proving themselves Indians.. the poor people are the ones suffering…..All Assam Bengali Youth Federation staged protests against the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) in New Delhi.
The Federation alleged that around 12 lakh Bengalis have been excluded from the Assam NRC and demanded their inclusion as they were genuine citizens.

Muslims in Assam are not indigenous. Assam was a part of undivided Bengal and a adminstrative zone of Bengal Presidency. Many districts of present day Assam were numerically dominated by Muslim speaking local dialect rather than Assamese or Bengali in certified tone. Look like people are happy as Some Hindus has been excluded from the citizen list. They would have no objection if all it would have been Muslim. Height of stupidity .

At the time of Partition did any one ask all Hindus from Pakistan should migrate to India within a cut off date? What about Nehru Liaqat agreement? Is not India natural habitat for all Hindus, like Israel is for all Jews?

Positive secularism is the very essence of our constitution and in dis context we cannot make a comparison between and Israel.Hinduism is not just a religion it’s a way of life within which lies the entire gamout of religion spectrum. on the other hand the demographic effect on Assam due to illegal migration is certainly visible which can produce catastrophic dimensions.

Please don’t forget religion was the basis of Partition. People affected due to this, if they are Hindus must have the natural right to be included in Indian citizenry. Same for Muslims in case of Pakistan.
Assam and it’s problem started with Sadullah administration. He encouraged largescale Muslim migration to cultivate the unused fertile land of assam, particularly the namoni assam area. Assamese were then happy to enjoy the part of crop raised by the immigrants. In sixties, thease migrants were encouraged to declare Assamese as their mother language only to establish majority, they were even used to torment Bengali citizen so that they remain cowed down. Trouble broke when in early eighties a major chunk of elected representatives in assembly were Muslims. AASU started agitation with encouragement from Sahitya sabha, ULFA came into picture by killing Kalipada Sen a prominent hindu Bengali of Guwahati. Rest is history. And the outcome is NRC.
Migrants in Assam were not all illegal if Sadullah administration’s invitation to cultivators are considered. Yes those came without documents and Muslims are illegal migrants. Hindus from then Sylhet region cannot be treated as illegal migrants as Sylhet was part of Assam, which due to political maneuver went to East Pakistan and now Bangladesh. They are same as Hindus/citizens of Cachar, only they are displaced. So please understand the complexity of immigration problem of Assam. At least I understand in above way.

Bengal was devided to satisfy a group of people.But the majority did not wanted partition.U cannot devide a nation to satisfy some gruop.The hindu bengalis who were living in undivided India are the victims of partition.It is the duty of India govt to protect them…Because india got freedom on cost of making the hindu bengalis refugees. 37 percent of the population of Assam is muslim out of which 90 percent are illegal infiltrators as per BJP group’s unofficial claims.

This NRC was a failure bcz of forged documents, incompetent software and a bangladeshi muslim supporting NRC co-ordinator. The main reason why many people in Assam, mainly Bengalees, are facing exclusion from NRC is not necessarily because they are foreigners but mainly because of a highly discriminatory and unconstitutional citizenship rules (4A of citizenship rules, 2003). Rule 4A of The Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and issue of National Identity Cards ) Rules, 2003, which prescribes separate rules for preparation of national registrar of citizens in the state of Assam, also violates Article 14 of the Constitution. This is because to be eligible for inclusion in the national registrar of citizens in other states (under Rule 4), a person is not required to prove residency in India before the cut off date (1948). Whereas in the case of Assam, proof of residency before the cut-off date (1971) is mandatory. However, except mainly Bengalees all other communities in Assam are exempted from such strict compliance by way of Original Inhabitants provision (Clause 3(3) of Schedule of The Citizenship Rules, 2003) and SOP for other citizens who arrived in Assam from other states and who do not originate from Bangladesh. The NRC authorities in one of their communication (19/10/2017) has specifically mentioned that legacy or List A documents are not required for inclusion in NRC by original Inhavitants and citizens who arrived in Assam from other states (who do not originate from Bangladesh). They are to be included in NRC if their citizenship is proved otherwise, beyond reasonable doubt. This inter alia means for this category of residents citizenship by birth is applicable like other states (as per Rule 4 of Citizenship Rules, 2003). The said provision (OI) as well as SOP violates Article 14 as well as 15 of the Constitution for discrimination on the basis of caste, race, language, place of birth etc. It is therefore amply clear that, other than mainly Bengalees, all the NRC applicants are being exempted to prove residency in Assam/India prior to 1971 with documentary evidence (through List A documents). One should understand that cut off date of 1971 is for illegal migrants from Bangladesh and not for Indian Citizens, the same way cut off date of 1948 is for migrants from Pakistan. As per law of the land, a citizen is obliged to prove Indian Citizenship and not required to prove that he or she is an illegal migrant by establishing residential proof before the cut off date, whether 1948 or 1971. That’s why under Rule 4 of Citizenship Rules, 2003 prescribing procedures for updation of NRC in other states, proof of residency in India before 1948 is not required. Asking proof of residency from certain communities in Assam, through List A documents, is violation of Constitutional norms and gross injustice. Also, such documents, which are more than 47 years old, are difficult to provide, specially by poor, illiterate and landless people. This difficulty in compliance has been acknowledged in writing by NRC authorities in case of Original Inhabitants as well as persons who arrived in Assam from other states and they are, therefore, exempted from such compliance. It is, therefore, quite obvious that this discriminatory rule/provision in NRC might be the single most dominant reason for exclusion of mainly Bengalee speaking people from NRC, who unlike others in Assam, has to prove that they are not illegal migrants, and not citizenship in strict sense. It is regretted that mainland India is ignorant about this fact and rather believe that millions of people who are facing exclusion from NRC are illegal migrants.

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