Man Vs Wild & Pulwama

Man Vs Wild & Pulwama

When you watch Man v/s Wild featuring Narendra Modi, just take time to remember that this episode was shot in Jim Corbett Park on the day when 46 Soldiers of CRPF were blown to pieces at Pulwama.

The PM did not respond to the crisis for a full four hours and not before he addressed an election rally through his mobile phone (as he could not reach the venue on time).

It was only after he had addressed the rally late at night that he acknowledged the incident.

And then he used their martyrdom to further his own electoral interests by appealing to people to vote for his party as he had carried out a retaliatory strike on Balakote where ostensibly 400 terrorists were killed (and yet not a single body recovered).

Please do remember that he took the nation to the brink of a war just to further his own electoral prospects and it was only the astute handling of the situation by Pakistan PM Imran Khan which prevented a war.

Please do remember that our IAF Pilot Abhinandan was returned unharmed and tensions deescalated under international pressure.

Please do remember that 7 other IAF personnel lost their lives when their IFF system malfunctioned and they were killed in friendly fire from our own air defense. And that no investigation has been done for either the Pulwama incident or the downing of our own MI-6 Helicopter that was flying in the danger zone, blind to the danger.

Remember all these murders before you start to applaud the man in the wild.

ps: The EC did not take any note of these appeals made in the name of soldiers and gave a clean chit to Modi. The one dissenting EC’s note was with held with the reason that if that dissenting note is made public there will be a threat to his life.

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