Lynching in not a new phenomenon

The Mehm massacre of Haryana took place in the nineties in which some people were beaten to death by the mob. Some similar incidents took place in Bihar under Lalu’s rule. If such incidents happen in today’s time, then it is called lynching and is associated with a particular religion.

In many states, there have been murders of people by mobilization. Incidents of killing people by the mob is not a new phenomenon in India. Its history is very old. However such incidents are malicious and should not happen. The occurrence of these incidents is more educational than religious, lack of social distrust, quick irrelevant response, local environment is more responsible.

The exit of the so-called celebrities is like spoiling the atmosphere. They should be made aware by leaving the air-conditioned homes and that too by going to small places and not start puking in front of the directionless media. And we all know that vomiting does not like anyone. If anyone likes then tell me. As far as I know, dogs like it only.

Instead of airing such issues, the people should surround the government on account of more work, development oriented schemes, corruption spread at every level, bad policing, poverty, education, health, security.

Incidents in our country as well as in other countries in which a person is beaten to death are condemnable but it becomes even more reprehensible when someone is beaten for being of a particular creed, class, religion. And he is killed. It is just a request that things should be looked at from a scientific perspective.

Religion is not an event related to cult. But it has become a fashion to associate every event with religion. And who is preparing this mental disorder, the crowds do the event in a jolt. Many people are involved in spoiling the social fabric. No single party can be held responsible for this. Political people can do anything, then the party does not matter.

No two events are exactly the same, but to say that in any event there is no talk of religion or creed or in every event there is talk of religion or religion, both are extremism. So let us avoid extremism and accept the reality . Fix yourself and call those who are wrong, it is expected.

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