Kashmiri terrorists want only Kashmiri Muslims, think other muslims are inferior!

Five Bengali Muslim workers killed by Kashmiri Muslim terrorists. This is fourth such attack on and murder of innocent civilians after Article 370 is revoked. This goes to show the dirty face of Kashmiri Islamic terror that has killed thousands of Kashmiri Pandits, well meaning Kashmiri Muslims who opposed separatism and terrorism, and security personnel over last three decades.

Our secular liberal have preferred to remain silent on all these incidences. Same gang who will otherwise scream intolerance, lynching, communalism, fascism on drop of the hat are silent now. Mamata Banerjee and Bhodroloks are silent. Imagine amount of outrage it would have created if perpetrators would have had a different identity! The Left has very conveniently blamed India for this and absolved Pakistan from this criminal terror attack.

This silence of the lambs err SLOBs only highlights their perversion, bigotry, double standards, and hypocrisy. Here it is pertinent to highlight the fact that even many Kashmiri Muslims have taken education in other states of India on Kashmiri quota and are working in other states while supporting pro separatist pro terrorist stance. This is most shameful conduct by those KMs. They are working on a smartly designed and executed strategy of extracting all benefits from India and then abusing India. Since revocation of Article 370 and even before they never stood by and for India but preferred their Ummah which they very slyly hide beneath the mask of Kashmiriyat.

They way journalist Aarti Tikoo Singh is attacked and abused by the secular liberal brigade also highlights it’s depravity. Aarti spoke the truth that the troika of Congressis – Leftists – Islamists had brushed under the carpet for three decades. Aarti bringing out those skeletons from the closet is a very uncomfortable experience for this gang of seculars liberals who resorted to targeting Aarti for speaking the truth. I can understand Muslims abusing Aarti, which is natural and much expected. However, I fail to understand why Hindu liberals joined with Muslims in abusing Aarti for speaking the truth.

It is time that we start identifying renegade elements and exposing their anti India agenda. It is also time to make KM elite decide whether they want to stand with India and continue to get benefited or stand against India and lose those benefits. They can’t be allowed to play right and left against the centre and run with the hare and hunt with the hound.

India has lost a lot for decades thanks to the depraved perverted secularism liberalism that only helped separatists and terrorists at the cost of the country. Modi has finally decided to end that and it won’t be an easy path. The beneficiaries of this anti India system are making right noises and asserting their views. We have seen that in tweets and articles written by many liberals whose names are known to all.

I have observed that Modi Government lacks the PR and propaganda machinery like the Islamists – Leftists duo. Modi Govt failed in getting India’s side published in international media to counter the propaganda machinery of Leftists – Islamists. The popular perception created in the West is that of India as an aggressor and illegal occupier and whole of Islamic terror is brushed under the carpet by the Leftists – Islamists duo. This is where India needs to up it’s game against the adversaries of India in form of Left and Islam.

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