Jose Expósito’s technique to tone the body

Jose Expósito has needed several years of study to achieve an efficient training with results in less than a month. What has led to it? The demand for familiar faces that needed to tone their body in record time for a movie or a music tour. «I created a method that would fit a month and thus achieve the objectives. I was researching and after 20 days is when people adapt to the new habit and the results are achieved ». Based on a study that states that more than a month of doing an activity often is counterproductive and you have to take a break, the athlete has developed the perfect formula and has shaped it. The training of success, a book that gather the necessary ingredients to get fit in 29 days, developing 29 exercises in 29 minutes. You dare?

Jose Expósito’s training

«After much thought I knew that 29 was the right figure to achieve any fitness goal. There is another study that led me to this, the “American College”, which says that after 29 minutes of high-intensity physical activity, it is no longer beneficial. Having immersed myself in American culture, where sport is an important discipline, I decided that instead of carrying out an exercise, I would elaborate a philosophy of life, ”explains Jose Expósito, who along with his sister Jessica Expósito, the nutritionist Adriana Fernández Vidal or physiotherapist Xavier Linde, among others, began to create what are now the most famous exercises of the moment. Differentiated into four categories (mobility, origin, “mind” and “holistic”), the program is also prepared for you to carry out thanks to a QR code that redirects you to an explanatory video and so you can perform them correctly.

The secret to the success of this new training? They can be done by people of all ages, the number one goal of Jose Expósito. «This practice has been created so that an entire family can play sports together, with no difference in age. I propose the same exercise at different levels so that each one decides which of the three variants is best for him, ”says the coach, who emphasizes that you will not need any other tool: no ropes, no weights, for example. Your arms and legs are the protagonists in this method that will transform your body in 29 days exactly. Of the 116 exercises that arise in total, performing 29 every day, in 29 minutes (yes, one minute per exercise), you will reach the last day with your goal achieved.

The importance of Instagram

He says he arrived late to this social network where all the trends are spread, but the truth is that the Instagram account of Jose Expósito is a book full of routines for you to carry out. «I did it to encourage people to play sports. I like to share videos where my students appear doing my exercises ». Since then, numerous “influencers”, among which are Laura Escanes or Nina Urgell, have put themselves in their hands to work their respective bodies and get the figure they so longed to have. And they have achieved it, because there is nothing that this personal trainer proposes that does not end up becoming reality.

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