Is it true that the Perricone diet helps to rejuvenate?

With proper nutrition it is possible to mitigate the effects of the passage of time on your skin and your body. The Perricone diet includes oatmeal and blueberries.

Not everything is genetic or treatments, on many occasions it is enough to know how to bring adequate food so that the effects of the passage of time are not visible either internally or externally. That’s where Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone, a respected nutritionist member of the “American College of Nutrition,” comes into play, as well as being a pioneer in talking about “anti-aging” food and superfoods (anti-inflammatory and antioxidants).

This praised doctor has come up with the formula that everyone wants to know: how to keep skin always radiant? Nutrition is the basic pillar of the so-called “Global Care Philosophy on 3 levels” that Perricone has created. The effects of your program are not visible externally, but improve overall health, substantially increasing energy and benefiting mood. This “3-level physosophy” for healthy aging and healthy skin, in addition to improving the appearance, helps you feel better at an organic level at all stages of life. Faces as well known as Eva Mendes, Gwyneth Paltrow or Uma Thurman have already found that the inflammation of the aging process can be controlled and delayed.

What is the Perricone diet?

It should be noted that it has not been conceived to lose weight, although those who have resorted to it have lost the odd kilo because the good organic functioning that promotes reaching our normal weight or ideal weight is among the keys. But Perricone is more than a diet: it is a change of mentality, a way to re-evaluate eating habits to achieve a healthier life, as it helps to curb inflammation and cellular oxidation by prioritizing certain essential antioxidants and «antiaging »And, with it, to recover the health of the skin and the body in general, in addition to boosting energy.

Diet guidelines for Anti aging treatments

  •     Each meal should include high quality protein, low glycemic carbohydrates and healthy fats.
  •     Proteins should always be consumed first to help the digestion process and avoid a glycemic response. Next, the fibers and, finally, complex carbohydrates.
  •     Drink between 8 and 10 glasses of mineral water a day: the first on an empty stomach and always accompanying each meal with one.
  •     It is essential to replace coffee with green tea to avoid accelerating aging and stimulate metabolism.
  •     Dr. Perricone recommends half an hour of daily exercise, combining cardiovascular, muscular vigor and flexibility, three fundamental elements to maintain good health and vitality.
  •     Getting enough sleep is essential for the anti-aging regimen, since during sleep the negative effects of cortisol are nullified, growth hormone and youth are released, and melatonin, a hormone with positive effects on the skin and system, is emitted immunological

What habits are counterproductive?

As in any other diet, Dr. Perricone advises against 100% sugar consumption since he is the main responsible for glycation, a process by which sugar molecules adhere to collagen fibers causing them to lose elasticity. One of the incompatible drinks is coffee, as it has been shown to increase tension and increase insulin. Soda and alcohol cannot be ingested if Perricone’s formula is to be carried out since they contain numerous sweeteners. The inhalation of a puff of tobacco generates in the lungs more than a billion free radicals, so it would also be left out of “pro-aging foods”.
Top Index

    1 wild salmon
    2.Extra virgin olive oil
    3.Green vegetables
    4.Fresas and berries or berries
    5.Organic natural dairy without sweeteners
    6.Oat flakes
    7 aromatic plants and spices
    8 green tea
    9 mineral water
    10 pure cocoa in small “doses”

Wild salmon

Salmon has a high content of AMD, axanthin and essential fatty acids (more than 5% of its content are “good” fats). Its high proportion of Omega-3 increases in those not raised in fish farms: salmon raised in freedom feed on plankton, micro-organisms in which this type of fat abounds.

Extra virgin olive oil

Made up almost 75% of oleic acid (a monounsaturated fat responsible for reducing LDL oxidation, or “bad cholesterol”, which can cause cell damage), it contains high levels of polyphenols such as hydroxytyrosol (a protector antioxidant that is only found in high concentrations in this kind of olive oil). Perricone recommends extra virgin olive oils of first pressing, since they are the ones with less acidity and higher levels of fatty acids and polyphenols, because as the presses increase, more antioxidants are lost.

Green vegetables

A soup with broccoli, spinach or green asparagus is a great option to obtain nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamin C, calcium or magnesium, which slow down aging. In addition, these green leafy vegetables contain a high proportion of water, providing hydration to the skin from within. Whenever possible, fresh or frozen natural foods will be chosen, avoiding processed packaging, since they include excessive cooking, destroy nutrients, and add an excess of salts and sugars to food.

Strawberries and berries or berries

Powerful antioxidants with low glycemic content are key to a younger and more vital face. In addition, they help reduce accumulated body fat, which is normally “fixed” through foods with a glycemic index greater than 50.

Organic natural dairy products, without sweeteners

Dr. Perricone recommends, in general, consume organic products, and even more so in the case of dairy products that will be part of the antiaging diet, which is essential to be free of BGH (bovine growth hormone). Among the two most recommended are organic natural yogurt (without added sugar or sweeteners) and kefir. Both contain important bacteria for intestinal health and improve digestion. Certain cheeses are also allowed: solids, such as feta, are recommended, avoiding triple fatty and very salty ones.

Flaked oatmeal

Rich in fibers, monounsaturated fats and proteins, it helps control cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as improving the digestive system, regulating blood sugar and protecting the body against cancer.

Aromatic plants and spices

Dr. Perricone recommends certain species that, in addition to flavoring foods, have antiaging properties, such as turmeric: anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective. Tabasco sauce is another of the accepted options, since its preparation process preserves the properties of capsaicin, a powerful antioxidant contained in a large proportion in chili peppers.

Green Tea

It is one of the key drinks of the Perricone antiaging diet with more scientifically confirmed anti-aging properties. Not only does it contain catechin polyphenols, (antioxidants that stimulate metabolism and slow aging), but it also helps prevent the absorption of harmful fats, reducing it by 30%, while the amino acid theonine improves mood.

Mineral water

Dehydration hinders the metabolization of fats and, therefore, will prevent the body from eliminating waste, in addition to promoting the development of inflammatory compounds. Even a slight dehydration causes a 3% decrease in basic metabolism, the results of which result in an increase of half a kilo of fat every six months. Dr. Perricone recommends “avoid tap water, as it may contain harmful residues such as heavy metal particles.”

Pure cocoa in small “doses”

Yes, chocolate is good to stop aging! But in small doses and without milk! The purest possible. It is a powerful antioxidant that prevents the attack of free radicals and, thanks to its high magnesium content, regulates sugar levels, helps to “fix” calcium, controls intestinal flora and protects the cardiovascular system.


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