Impeachment of President Trump. Why, How & Who is involved?

What is impeachment & how can it happen?

In impeachment, the president of the USA can be removed from his office of presidency by being voted out on grounds of corruption, impropriety or moral turpitude via direct voting to be held in both houses on Two third majority. Howsoever it may seem, impeachment process is not the same as criminal conviction, it being more of a political removal in nature.

The impeachment process is initiated be an impeachment inquiry which has been started in the house of representatives. If the inquiry goes ahead, the house of representatives will vote on all charges framed on the President. This house is presently controlled by Democrats so if they all stay on one track, President will become the third US president to be impeached from office.

But there is a caveat. The Republican party still holds majority in the Senate & they will expectedly block any attempt to impeach Trump in Senate.

Why do Americans want impeachment of President Donald Trump?

The US President Trump is sought to be impeached for his scandalous role in impeachable activity both during and after attaining the office of the President of United States of America. His entire Presidency has been marred with US Presidential elections rigging allegations. However the turning point in impeachment news came from the Democrats levying further allegations of improper dealings of President Trump with the government of Ukraine. Unlike Clinton impeachment there is no sexual misconduct involved here but the high office of the President has been devalued by the Trump Administration hence the president impeachment process has been initiated many times in the recent past pending the impeachment inquiry, completion of which lead to completion of the impeachment process with the final impeachment vote.

Who are the main players of the Trump presidential impeachment process & what is the Ukrainian – William Barr (United States Attorney General) connection?

  1. President Donald Trump’s role in the presidential impeachment allegation:
  1. US president Donald Trump personally blocked US $ 400 million military aid to the small East European country Ukraine fighting with Putin’s Russia.
  2. While blocking the above deal Republican Donald Trump of the Trump Tower fame also spoke to the Ukrainian president persuading him to investigate Trump’s domestic political rival Joe Biden to destabilize & rig the 2020 US presidential elections.
  3. According to a whistleblower in the White house US intelligence community, Trump used the cancellation of above military aid to Ukraine to pressurize Ukraine & solicited their interference in American presidential elections.
  4. Earlier President Trump is supposed to have used Russians computer network hackers led by Russian President Putin to fudge his own election to the White House.
  • Volodymyr Zelansky, current newly elected Comedian president of Ukraine.
  • This Ukrainian president is the man whom Donald Trump allegedly tried to force to investigate Joe Biden. Some say Volodymyr did try to start investigation into Joe Biden’s son at Trump’s forced warning/cancellation of the US $ 400 million military aid to Ukraine.
  • However the telephonic conversation between Volodymyr & Trump was allegedly released embarrassing the Ukrainian President but the thick skinned Trump was unfazed.
  • Joe Biden – He was the Vice-President in Barack Obama’s tenure for both his presidential terms. Biden is also the leading opponent of Trump for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 presidential election.

What’s has he done?

Biden is currently ahead of all in the polls for the Democratic nomination which is the most dangerous impediment to trump’s reelection. If selected, Joe Biden would be the man fighting against Donald Trump for the presidency in November 2020. If Biden is able to pull it off, opinions forecast he could easily win over Trump in this scenario.

Trump alleges Biden misused his official authority in the past. Trump says Biden led Ukraine to discard an investigation which was implicating his son, Hunter.

Now if Biden would have been simply a retired bureaucrat, Trump’s request to Ukraine would be fruitless. However Biden is the biggest rival of Trump’s presidency, so Trump wants to open up another investigation on Biden’s son Hunter under a new Ukrainian President Volodymyr.

Biden says “it’s a tactic that’s used by this president to try to hijack an election so we do not focus on the issues that matter in our lives.”

Hunter Biden – Mr Biden’s 49-year-old son, who has worked as a lawyer and lobbyist. Hunter’s misdoing is that he was on the board of an Ukrainian gas company Burisma for five years from 2014.

Ukrainian government was investigating Burisma but the prosecutor general of Ukraine was fired for the investigations. Trump says that Biden used his vice presidential official authority to get the prosecutor fired to save his son Hunter. This investigation of Burisma eventually gave a clean chit to Hunter Biden, the new prosecutor saying that whatever corruption or impropriety happened, occurred prior to Hunter Biden’s stint with the company Burisma.

The whistleblowers

Two whistleblowers first wrote to the chairman of the senate committees on 12th august alleging impropriety in President Trump’s phone call to Ukrainian president on 25th July.

Further allegations have been made that the white house bureaucracy also facilitated Trump’s illegality by locking down all details of the phone call. Even the call transcript was not stored by the white house officials as per the normal system.

The first whistleblower seems to be a US intelligence services officer from CIA, in the past, who is obviously well connected to the present officers in the know. The second whistle blower’s profile is not known but is also claimed to be an ex intelligence officer.

Nancy Pelosi

She is the Speaker of the house of representatives is has the key to Trump’s impeachment or his future reelection.

She has been since long been asked to start proceedings for the impeachment of the president Trump soon after the Democrats achieved majority in the house last November. After resisting the temptation for long, she ultimately took the bait on 24th September when she initiated a formal impeachment inquiry declaring that the President Trump must be held accountable or impeached.

Rudy Giuliani  – He is the Ex-Mayor of New York but more importantly he is the private attorney of Trump.

Giuliani is the man who has been crying aloud all along that the Bidens are guilty of corruption in the Ukraine gas company. He has not let the US boundaries limit him, going all the way to the Ukrainian prosecutors to restart their investigations.

He is so outspoken that he openly declares that he is at least as big if not a bigger hero than the whistleblowers. His statements like “It is impossible that the whistle-blower is a hero and I’m not,” he said. “And I will be the hero! These morons – when this is over, I will be the hero” have become folklore in the US politics.

Viktor Shokin

Viktor was acting as the Public prosecutor of the Ukraine government before being terminated from the position of the prosecutor. Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been quite open about the role he played in getting Viktor Shokin dismissed, saying there were concerns he was not doing enough against corruption. Joe Biden conspired to  stop aid of 1 billion US $ to Ukraine if Shokin, the prosecutor of his son’s company was not sacked. In January 2018, he told the Ukraine government – “I said, you’re not getting the billion, I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money…. He got fired”

Along with father Biden, many western nations & IMF had also expressed doubts on Shotkin’s integrity.

Kurt Volker

Kurt was the US government’s special envoy to Ukraine. He acted as the conduit between the White House and Zelensky government, and urged Ukrainians to investigate Bidens.

Volker provided evidence to Congress lawyers in October when text messages between the trio were released. In one of the messages, Kurt says that Zelensky’s visit to Washington can happen only after he agreed to investigate Bidens.

“Heard from White House – assuming President Z convinces Trump he will investigate / get to the bottom of what happened, in 2016, we will nail down date for visit to Washington” one of the messages said. There is also a message saying he suggested what Zelensky should say in a public statement.

Gordon Sondland is the US ambassador to European Union besides being one of the most staunch coterie of Donald Trump. He is basically a hotelier who gave $1 million to Trump’s inauguration committee in lieu of which he was appointed EU ambassador post 2018.

His name came up with sms messages leaking out that exposed him conniving to extort Ukraine”

Sondland’s closed-door testimony to Congress denying withholding military aid to Ukraine ruffled many political feathers. Major U turn, he later changed his statement and said that he had told a Ukrainian official about the aid “likely” being based on the nation starting a political inquiry.

William ‘Bill’ Taylor

William is the raining US ambassador to Ukraine & has given the most damning evidence till date to nail Trump for impeachment. He has laid bare all details of Trump threatening to hold the aid to Ukraine if Biden’s were not investigated. He has also testified against Rudy Giuliani about the way Rudy tried to pressurize Ukraine to prosecute Hunter Biden. Best thing is he is willing to testify all this in front of camera in the Congress & on national television.

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