How to start serious running without injuring yourself in the attempt

Spend a few minutes doing sports, in this case running, is synonymous with relaxation. Running with friends is more enjoyable.

How many times do you run per week? Going for a run to reflect is the best way to let go of bad thoughts and stress: play music and travel the streets of the city or the most attractive roads to make the journey more enjoyable. Spend a few minutes doing sports, in this case running, is synonymous with relaxation, and it doesn’t matter when you decide to do it (before going to work, it loads you with energy while after a working day it gives you peace of mind) any time you set It will be good to set new goals and meet goals.

Creativity is intensified by additional oxygen in the body. In addition, running is excellent for having new ideas or finding solutions to problems, ”explains Dr. Thomas Falda-Buscaiot. It is essential that each person discover their best time of the day to play sports and have willpower and be constant to stay active and be healthy. From the German lifestyle and sports brand Freeletics propose to follow these motivational tips to enjoy sports and, above all, running.

Why should you write your goals?

It is not that they are going to forget you, but picking them up in a small note means that sooner or later you will cross out, mentally and literally, of that list all that you are getting. It does not matter if the objectives are large or small, the important thing is that they are realistic, specific and that they can be achieved in the short or long term. When they are written it is easier to remember them. Place them somewhere where you can view them daily: a board, on the refrigerator door, a blackboard …

Schedule your training and set motivation alarms

Plan every day, every week and every workout. If the record is not your forte, pull the agenda and plan a calendar to fulfill at full length. If the problem is that you need a companion, gather several friends willing to set goals: this way you are less likely to forget the training or leave your partner planted. “If you decide to set alarms or reminders on the phone, try to write motivational messages that will encourage your future self to get up and go running with a plus of encouragement,” explains Dr. Thomas Falda-Buscaiot.

Go for a walk

Doubts? Take some time to decide if it’s really what you want to do. If you’re still not sure if you want to start running, start with something simple: take a walk. Put on your running clothes and walk for only 15 minutes. As soon as you are away, there is more chance that you will end up running or walking at a faster pace than if you do not leave home and do not try.

Put on your running clothes

Did you know that you are more likely to be motivated if you are dressed for the occasion than if you are not? Putting on your sportswear encourages you to go out. If you want to go jogging in the morning, leave the clothes next to the bed and place the running shoes in front of the door of the room, so that it is the first thing you see if you want to leave your bedroom and you will break any thoughts of resignation. If you see all the equipment prepared, the chances of you going out for a run are much higher than if you have to prepare it at that moment. If you prefer the afternoon to run, change the moment you get home and leave homework after running.
Listen to a playlist that motivates you

Music is the faithful companion of the athlete. Nowadays it is not conceivable to go to the gym or go jogging without listening to music. You can start with a short playlist to make specific workouts. Gradually go creating a longer list. It must be your motivation to go out and always listen to the songs that encourage you, your favorites and those that bring you good memories.

Less is more

It is not feasible to run long distances from the first moment. If you intend to run long distances in the initial phase, in the end you will end up exhausted and not wanting to keep running. Ideally, make short and fast races that encourage you to extend times and intensity progressively. The perfect workouts are those in which you run for a short period of time, but you burn as many, or usually more, calories than in long-distance races. Seeing your progress and how you increase, it will be the ideal motivation for you to give your best at all times.

How about a reward?

We all need a motivational shot, and knowing that there is a “prize” after achieving a marked goal

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