How corruption in Police eats away the country.

Corruption has to be eliminated, so why does the government not get scrutiny of all the assets of the country once. You don’t panic. You are honest

Mostly the real face of the police. Who and how to be called an honest policeman or understood.

Lust has increased to the point that first do injustice to the officers at the behest of them and then trap them, see the DCP case of Faridabad.
The more serious the case, the more bribes they leave the perpetrators
Everyone is involved in corruption from top to bottom
Then take a closer look at the families of corrupt officials, the bribe money goes to Ayyashi, Aib and Hospitals.

One officer who is famous for bribe, the only son of a twenty-year-old boy passed away in a bike accident, everyone said that Saab may have improved
Saab formed an NGO in the name of his son and then went to the NGO for bribe for work.
What will the thief say by stealing not to go with the hei
Narendra Modi ji please take cognizance, the next issue should be about the bribe officers, all the evil abusers who have eaten like mites. Bribery in the system increased a lot. As you said, this is the limit. It is so embarrassing to be embarrassed even while writing. Such people have created problems for those doing good work in the name of NGO.

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