How confidence leads to self realization & makes it a shortcut to success?

Confidence is an important feeling of life. All relationships, relationships, business, and countries are going on by faith. But what if a sense of trust is lost from our lives? In the absence of faith, we cannot move even one step. But still our beliefs are broken somewhere and we are surrounded by doubt and fear. Because the effect of negativity hurts us.

Whatever happens, we should not lose faith. First of all, we should have faith in ourselves. Belief in one’s own knowledge, ability, ideas and abilities should be firm and eternal. If you do not believe in yourself, then it is possible that you feel weak, scared and powerless. Therefore, keep faith in yourself.

Second, you should also learn to trust others. By trusting your company, boss, friend, partner or anyone else, you would make your relationship stronger, you would increase efficiency, the level of growth in business would be higher and more invisible benefits included. Would go You do not necessarily believe in others and you will get the same results as you expected.

An unexpected can also come here. But we should not stop believing in other people. If you do not believe in others, then you can fall alone, your relationship may get dull, business may become stagnant, progress in the company, between colleagues can be affected. It is by trusting others that life gets momentum, support and support.

Thirdly, apart from self and others, we should also be on our community, society and country. However 100% of everything in society and community will not be according to your expectation and desire. But if we still pay attention, then society and country are not so bad either. You are getting all kinds of facilities as soon as you get out of the house, there are companies to serve you, the government is there, the system is there and people are present in private.

We have to understand that after all those people are also doing everything by faith. They may be getting an award in return. But due to the power of a belief, everything is happening.

Fourth, we should always believe in the highest, greatest power. There should be unwavering trust in him. I am not talking about any religion or god. I am talking about the power, which is running this creation with complete readiness, integrity, capability, coordination and harmony. Providing air, water and food for our lives. Our belief is that when you went to sleep on the bed at night, in the hope of freshness in the morning, in the hope of meeting the family again, you would sleep assuredly and plan to do the work of tomorrow.

Whenever we were surrounded by troubles, we would remember that almighty without any effort. So always put your trust in that biggest and highest power, do not let the trust break in it. Because we all are the same existence and how can we be different from our belief in existence.

Every situation and every person who touches your life helps you grow. Few people in your life can help you grow by holding your hand tenderly, with love and care. Some people can push you back and help you overcome your fear. Some people can drive you crazy until you learn to be patient and some people can bother you so much that you can reach your emotional peak and you can get angry. It is not necessary that you like them all, but it must be known that these are the people who have come into your life to make you a better person.

A person who is calm and composed and knows how to mold himself to every situation, and these are the people who push us in the direction of selfless love, patience, forgiveness and satisfaction, and if not at least this Are helping to increase your endurance level.

There are two aspects to this. Which aspect we hold depends on us. While human life, we can choose the choice of ideas and this power is only available to humans. Most of the time, we see flaws or faults in others. The faults that appear outside, may be right in their point of view. But there is no complete. If you look outside, it can also be inside yourself if you see it.

But the most important thing is that a person should neither think of himself as a victim, nor should he consider himself bad, nor should he focus on his weaknesses and weaknesses. There is no whole and cannot be. God has given humans the power to think, understand, keep ideas, work power, ability and decision making. So we should see life, vision and world in the same way, not the afflicted, the persecuted, the weak.

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