How Ayodhya, article 370, Congress & BJP ae interlinked?

Adventure, decisive decision and emotions to remove 370 and 35A

From everyday life to success, sports, religion, culture, Naxalism, extremism, terrorism, language, identity, untouchability, nationalism, politics, the effect of emotions always works everywhere. The biggest movement, the victory of elections, or the disenchantment of a person as a big leader like Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not only in the country but in the world, emotions prevail. The bigger the emotion, the greater public support and public support.

Some emotions are so destructive, such as extremism, terrorism, Naxalism, by which people or selfish so called intellectuals, politicians, keep dividing the society and creating an atmosphere of hate. As in J&K, some political parties were playing with the sentiments of the separatist local people in J&K with regard to Sections 370 and 35A, and kept up their interests. On the other hand, feelings against Section 370 and 35A were at their peak throughout the country.

Let’s go back a little. There is talk of the city of Montgomery in the state of Alabama, USA. 1 December 1955. While returning from job, a 50-year-old black woman, Roja Parks, sat an empty seat in a public transport bus. In a short time the bus was filled with passengers and two white male passengers were standing in it. The bus conductor asked the black woman to leave the seat for the white man. This black woman refused to leave the seat. At that time there was a law in America that if a white woman / man was standing in a public transport bus, the blacks had to vacate their seats and the black community was troubled by this problem.

So black conductor Roja Parks arrested the conductor and sent him to jail. This news spread everywhere. Blacks boycotted public transport and a big movement was launched. Finally, a year later, the government had to end the law that discriminated against blacks. Here a spirit united blacks, created an agitation and forced the government to abolish the discrimination laws against blacks.

The second example is of the Anna Hazare movement. In which the feelings of the people against corruption were at the peak throughout the country. Where Kejriwal was born. At the same time, the UPA government had to pass the Lokpal bill. Apart from this, Kejriwal could not become popular big leaders in the eyes of the majority. Everyone knows that. The spirit with which Kejriwal became a leader did not live up to it. They could not reach where they were supposed to be.

Well come back to Kashmir. Prime Minister Narendra Modi understands the issues related to the ground, where emotions work vigorously, psychologically well, which in today’s perspective no leader in Indian politics understands. Prime Minister Modi’s focus was more on those issues so far, where all parties ignored, emotions were dominating in these issues or problems. You see, toilet construction, sanitation campaign, demonetisation, surgical strike on Pakistan, Balakot air strike, successful

withdrawal of greetings from Pakistan, three divorces get rid of the practice, now abolition of 370 and 35A. There is some strong emotion attached to all of them. The biggest sentiment against 370 and 35A had been created in the country and Modi knew it very well. There was also a sense of nationalism in the people. Nationalism is the greatest emotion. And Prime Minister Modi knows how to keep nationalism at the top. That is why he remains a popular leader and is known for his bold, surprise and harsh decisions. This personality not only separates Modi from the rest of the leaders, but in today’s politics, he is the head of the state. Believe it or not, this is the truth.

Three feelings were also important in Barack Obama becoming President in 2008. The first feeling was his blackening was the first time in American history. The second feeling is the escape of the US from economic depression. Third sentiment, withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. These three sentiments made Barack Obama the first black president of America.

On the other hand, the Congress is directionless in the changing world and changing India. The rest of the parties stand together in Modi’s policies and decisions to preserve their existence. This situation was further clarified in the Rajya Sabha when the triple talaq bill was passed and on the reorganization of the state of Kashmir. The presence of Rahul Gandhi is like the Meaningless in politics. If the Congress continues to ignore the issues and sentiments of the country as before, it should not happen that a situation like the Congress did not happen.

There is neither stability nor stagnation in politics. But the Congress stopped. Congress always has emotionless issues or they stand with such issues where the country appears to be emotionally standing against the Congress. Take the Kashmir problem itself. Now when the Congress goes to the polls, then three divorces and Article 370 will be flowing against it. At the same time, BJP’s score will be at the top because people believe if Modi is there then it is possible.

In new politics, now parties and leaders will have to be clear about issues and problems. Social media and new generation are very clear. Here everything is clear like a mirror. The trend will not work.

Whatever party, the leader along with the problem, will also see how much people’s feelings are associated with that problem, then he can be successful about it. Take the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. There are two sentiments of the community and with which emotion you are standing firmly, the same emotion will make you the decisive leader. The decisions of courts are influenced by emotions. Then how can people and politics live without being affected. At present, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the bearer of emotions in the country and he has been successful in it till now.

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