Differing points of views – yours or mine?

I had a moment of realization today.

I often get into detailed debates on things I care/think about. I learn a lot from other povs, and change my opinion too when I learn something new. (The most recent is about keeping an open mind about the possibility of nuclear energy being part of the solutions if we have to address climate change.) The trouble is people come into discussions with “conviction” and “one answer” and the open investigation at the other end is rare, making expressing povs on individual threads a pointless act. People dig in too much, egos get stoked, ppl get personal, supercilious, abusive and it goes downhill. (E.g. on the nuance that the nuclear power may not be a silver bullet for all the issues around this, and we need a deeper understanding of the systemic issues that led us here).

One also realizes that the idea is NOT to change an individual’s pov or opinion. I often move my own position as I get new inputs and thoughts, and it’s upto each person to change their own, or not – upto them and not my job. These ideas and povs are still useful to express so we can all think about them.

So no more responses to individual posts and threads. If I have anything meaty enough to say, will do that in a separate, independent thread and not get into one on one debates unless in person.

One lives, one learns.

Gotta say, numbers are the best way to back up an argument. If some people seem hard nosed, it is because they have crunched the numbers to back up what they are saying. Chill madi, all are well intentioned.

It’s not about that one. It’s a larger, logical conclusion. I will not try convert individual povs inadvertently. Pointless. And no, there are numbers only for what we measure. And not everything else is automatically untrue – sometimes it’s evident or logical. But hey, digression,  many just want to reinforce what they already concluded- and new facts that negate that view is not accepted. To most.

Few on FB, just stop responding in that thread when they do have doubts about their own POV – so that’s fine. And very, very few admit that they are changing their views based in new facts.

Someone has already written a book on this – Communcation Catalyst https://www.amazon.com/Communication…/dp/0793149045

Point of the book is, for an effective conversation, you need to see different points of views and a better view/solution may be in the intersection of the povs

it’s important to debate the critical issues on social media. Like whether sambar tastes better with a pinch of sugar (yes), or whether books always better than movies (also yes) or is PC the greatest actor of our generation (yes again) and so on.

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