Corporate CSR is OK but what about media CSR?

Companies that advertise on TV channels, newspapers, websites, can play a big role in the development of the country. For this, the first thing they will have to get out of government fear. Second, they have to develop development-oriented thinking in the national interest.

With this intention, all companies should decide that they will advertise to the same media mediums, who are willing to give 30 to 40 percent of their total content to the country’s basic problems like health, electricity, water, roads, security, corruption etc.

If you assume that if 30 to 40 percent of the time or space of the new media becomes the focus on basic infrastructure, then the governments of the Center and the states will have to pay attention to the solution, which has not been found since independence and every time the people are cheated by giving their votes. Would feel Every year the people of the country have to deal with the same basic problems again and again.

Sometimes in Bihar hundreds of children would die due to fever, sometimes children would die due to lack of oxygen, sometimes people would lose their lives due to fire in a roof restaurant in a city like Mumbai, sometimes in a city like Surat. Dozens of children would have died due to fire in the institute, by not having a ladder near the fire brigade, dozens of women had died in a fire in a firecracker factory running due to corruption in Delhi. Children would die. Such endless incidents are happening all over the country, which can be prevented by having alertness, vigilance and adequate resources. But after governments came to power, they would remain ego and people would die.

Advertising companies have great power, they can also bring the media house on its knees, and can also force governments to focus on infrastructure provided they remove fear from government and power.

Aajtak’s star anchor Anjana Om Kashyap’s ICU reporting has received severe criticism on social media. Looking at the reporting and the attitude, one can say that his attitude towards the doctor was unprofessional and full of arrogance, which cannot be justified for healthy journalism. All professionals have their limitations and limits.

Today’s technology and now being a writer, editor, thinker of every person, the media house did not get any patent that whatever they will do or serve, the public will close their eyes and see it, but with the effect of social media, the responsibility of the media workers is increased Goes, because everyone is keeping an eye on you, and is also distributing it quickly.

Secondly, if the media houses of the country had given even 1% of 365 days on basic issues like health, education, water, women, poverty of the country, then all the governments would have fallen on their knees and some improvement would have happened but the media houses have made the film stars Whether it was marriage or cricket, or crime, or live speeches of politicians, even a quarter of all these reporting would have been given on the basic problems of the country, even then the governments have to look at infrastructure One has to pay attention but the media also wakes up when a big accident happens, and after a few days frowning, it goes back to its comfort zone.

As much as the governments are responsible, the media is also responsible for every problem because who has stopped the media from showing the real picture of the country, from highlighting the problems. But the owners of the media and the people sitting at the top also have to be rubbed by keeping them close to the power, so why worry about all this. But the public will continue to show the mirror like Anjana Om Kashyap is under severe criticism.

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