Chnandrayaan-2 Whose Failure is it?


Scientists, physicians have a professional dignity. Before the operation, the doctor knows that the patient can die despite his millions of efforts. But after the unsuccessful operation, the doctor does not cry, silently contemplates in the room alone, finding the reason for the failures.
In the same way, every scientist knows that his experiment can also fail. After the experiment is unsuccessful, he again prepares for a fresh start, he does not cry in public, does not budge. This picture of ISRO chief crying is different from the traditions of the great scientists of this country, I may be wrong but I did not like it. This is a political picture. Mr. ISRO Chief had to show courage and professionalism at this time. Modi consoling him in the way he is seems to be too political – a PR exercise aimed at his constituency given his penchant for publicity. I may be wrong, but that is my assessment.

Phobos Grunt Mars

The Putin government in Russia created a commission in 2012 investigating the failure of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Phobos Grunt Mars Mission. The mission, jointly run by Russia and China, failed due to the crash of the space craft.

The story is not this. The story is that after the failure of this mission, Russia told India that you should stop your Chandrayaan mission right now because the technology of the lander and the Mars mission we are giving you for your mission is the same and needs to be reviewed. Russia said that in 2016 we will try to give you the lender.

The Indian government never officially said that the agreement with Russia was broken, but we decided that we would make the lander ourselves. We were warned by Russia that the weight of the lander could cause problems in the mission. Despite separating Russia from this agreement, we used isotopes only.

We decided to do a project which was to be done with the partnership of two countries. It was adventure, haste was not adventure, it was inspired by politics. The first Chandrayaan-2 was to be flown just before the election but blew up after the election but could not reach the surface. The story is just this.

The failure of the mission is more administrative than scientific. Some new things have been found out of what happened to them, due to which I am modifying the status at 4 o’clock in the night. Investigators of these things should also be done by journalists.

1- The BJP government put tremendous pressure on ISRO to complete the mission Chandrayaan 2 at the earliest, while there were still more tests to be done at the ground level.

2- In 2007, this mission, which started with the cooperation of the Russian Space Agency, was to be launched in January 2013, but Russia could not give the lender what it had to give and later it separated itself from the agreement.

3- We were able to prepare the mission’s orbiter and rover 12 years ago but after the agreement broke down when the new government came to the center, we decided to make the landers ourselves.

4- This question should be asked that despite offering assistance from America and other countries, why did we not take technical help from them in making the land?

5- It is also reported that Vikram Lender was facing technical problems before the mission started, due to which new dates of launching were kept again and again.

6- The most important question was whether the team of Chandrayaan 2 in ISRO asked for more time to start the mission? ISRO Chief should answer this.

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