Chandrayan’s failure or success – the malaise is deeper

Fact 1

The dimensions of the Vikram lander have been specified as 2.54 × 2 × 1.2 m on the Wikipedia page of Chandrayaan 2. This makes the lander roughly the size of a Tata Nano.

Fact 2

Since there is no atmosphere on the Moon, the heat is all radiated back into the space almost instantaneously
The chairman of ISRO has made a claim that the lander that could not be controlled and slowed down to a hover velocity and as a result was lost in a crash landing has been located. This gives rise to a few questions.

Even if it was possible to pinpoint the exact sight of the crash (it wasn’t as all communication was lost when the lander was 4 to 8 km over the Lunar surface) are there optical cameras on the orbiter with sufficiently high resolution that can take relatively clear pic of an object as small as the smallest car from a height of 100 km? (Looking at the pics transmitted by the Orbiter this far, the answer is no)
If the claim is being made about IR pics, that again is doubtful because there will not be any residual heat.
Looks like a conspiracy already…

Now for some hard talk

National emotions are so well played to cover up a failure. Any failure is no big deal. Keeps happening to ensure success. For a vast Nation like India thousand crores is not even pea-nuts.

So why the massive cover up? Looking Chronologically at events at ISRO paint quite a different picture. People may derive their own conclusions.

# scientists pay was reduced. As usual media ensured the silence. This was just before CY launching. SEA (Space Engineers Assn) took up the matter. Nothing happened. Protest was headed by TAPAN MISHRA

# Then privatisation started. Last year two private companies were partnered to manufacture 27 satellites. This time too, protest was taken by Director, Space Application Centre Ahmedabad, Dr. TAPAN MISHRA.

# Tapan was second in que, for the top job after Sivan. Was demoted, removed and made Consultant. Sivan immediately issued order relieving Tapan of all responsibilities.

# Senior scientists from across the nation made a representation to Hon. President of India, Shri Kovind. Removal of top scientist in such a manner was not good for institution. Obvious Silence.

# The partner company’s name, to manufacture 27 satellites also appear in Panama papers. The parent Italian defence company is close to Adani. Anybody’s guess how the scientists may have taken the development.

Can any huge company of intellectuals function smoothly in such an atmosphere? Can disgruntlement be ruled out? Why was Sevan crying even before the mission was declared aborted.

Usually all such missions are cloaked in secrecy, be it Russia or USA. Mans First landing on moon is not belived to be true, but only a photo-op. Why were we publicizing our mission in full media glare?

KALPANA CHAWLA was burnt alive in a space craft. We didnt see the EMOTIONAL NATION hugging or crying? Or is the intention different. Just to show to the world ISRO is incompetent needs a new head, overhaul, take-over et-al, at least I am unable to guess. Nothing will happen is the certainty.

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