Artistic Gymnastics – The Power Acrobatics show

Artistic gymnastics is a discipline within gymnastics. This activity, unlike the rest, is practiced with various devices such as colt, rings or asymmetric bars. Although it may seem like a modern sport, the truth is that it is a physical exercise that emerged in ancient times, specifically in the nineteenth century, thanks to Friedrich Ludwig Jahn, a professor at the German Institute in Berlin, who in 1811 created a first space for Outdoor artistic gymnastics practice. Much of the current devices derive from their designs. The most amazing? This gymnastics became independent from gymnastics in general in 1881 and was in Athens, at the Olympic Games of 1896, when it became known worldwide, practiced only by men. It was not until 1928 when women were allowed to participate in the Olympic Games in Amsterdam.

Tennis – World’s most popular individual sport

The origin of tennis dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Different theories place it in England or northern France, in the so-called «jeu de paume», palm game, because it was played by hand, and they attribute the name «tennis» to the French word «tenez», something like “Takes” in Spanish, which was the warning voice to the opponent when the ball was thrown.

Football – why is it the all time most popular sport?

Soccer is surely the best known and practiced sport across the planet Earth. It raises passions wherever it is practiced and has become a show of global dimensions that exceeds the definition of sport. The reason for its success? Perhaps because, compared to many other sports, he is the only one who plays with his feet.

What you must do to follow a fitness routine that does not tire you?

The time has come to resume the healthy habits that you have left (a little) aside during the summer months, where excesses and little exercise have been part of your day to day. Now you should adopt a new routine where your body and your mind are in absolute harmony to face the coldest months of the year. But calmly: it is of no use to take it with great force at the beginning if afterwards you will not be able to continue it. Along with the slow and controlled exercises that personal trainer Agustín Oliver, founder of L’Anatomie, advises to follow from the beginning to achieve your physical goals, the expert provides other “tips” that you should not forget.