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Some people call it the “salt shaker” of the arms, others say they have flaccid or “colgones” and others directly claim that they have fat or swollen arms. Toning the arms and back so that they look firm and thinner is the goal of the five-minute, 12-minute routine proposed by personal trainers, Esther and Gemma Pineda, Gemalas Pin.

The upper train (arms and back) is the area that the Pin Twins are encouraging to work this week. The difficulty is somewhat less than that of their previous routine, in which they encouraged us to start in the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), a practice that consists of combining short intervals of exercises at maximum intensity with short periods of rest or exercises at low intensity. Now the trainers specialized in bodybuilding, fitness and weightlifting propose a routine of five exercises, which can be done in an estimated time of 12 minutes. To practice it correctly they propose to do 15 repetitions of each exercise and rest 45 seconds between the exercises. Once the routine is finished, 3 series are made.
Exercise 1: Knee push-ups

We work with the traditional flexion but supporting the knees and the tips of the feet so that we make the most of the force with the arms. To correctly practice the exercise Esther Pineda remember that we must keep the distance of the hands to the width of the shoulders.

Do 15 repetitions of the exercise.

Exercise 2: Bank-supported triceps

This exercise can be practiced either by leaning on a bench or, as in the option we propose, starting from the position of lying on the floor and raising the hip. As Gemma Pineda explains, it is important to remember that we should not separate our arms too much because if we do the exercise it will not be all the effective we need.

Do 15 repetitions of the exercise.

Exercise 3: Command with knees

To practice this exercise we start from the flexion position with the knees supported and we support the elbows, first of one arm and we put it and then we go with the other. To execute the exercise correctly we must keep the hip aligned, as the Pin Twins remember.

Do 15 repetitions of the exercise.

Exercise 4: Cross Pyramid

We start from the pyramid position in quadruped and with the buttocks raised and cross the right arm trying to reach the left leg and then the left arm trying to reach the right leg. The hip must remain elevated because if we place it too low, the exercise will not be performed correctly, according to Gemma Pineda.

Do 15 repetitions of the exercise.

Exercise 5: Iron with rise in arm and knees

We start from the flexion position with the knees supported. We raise the left arm forward and then backward and repeat the same operation with the right arm, then repeat again with the other arm. “Remember that you cannot flex your arms in this movement and you must remain straight throughout the movement,” says Esther Pineda.

Do 15 repetitions of the exercise.

Once this routine has been completed to tone arms and back with the corresponding repetitions of each exercise, the Pin Twins propose a 45-second break before starting the routine again. Thus, until repeating three series.

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