Are you exercising but still not able to lose weight? Here is why?

These are the mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

To lose weight it is important to banish the idea of ​​dieting for each “event” (weddings, baptisms, communions …) or for each change of season (summer, spring …), because what really works, as explained by the Dr. María Amaro, creator of the “Amaro Method for Weight Loss” is to get healthy lifestyle habits through a diet that changes your lifestyle forever. “Forget about miracle diets!” He clarifies.

Another premise that is not always taken into account when losing weight has to do with ensuring a good rest. «We must sleep a minimum of 6-7 hours so that the body can perform its organic cleaning and detox functions. But it is also important to avoid feelings of stress, anxiety about eating saturated fats and sedentary lifestyle, which are the answers that usually occur when we have not had enough rest, ”he says.
Hydration and sport

Should we always drink two liters of water a day? The amount of water, as Dr. Amaro clarifies, should be adjusted to the needs of each patient. «You cannot say the amount of two liters of water as obligatory because a person of 50 kilos will not drink the same as one of 100 kilos. Nor is the same amount drunk in January than in August. Nor does a 25-year-old or a 70-year-old drink the same, ”explains the expert.

As for physical exercise, Dr. Amaro says that it is essential to achieve the goal. Also in the case of sport invites to adapt it to each person, according to their age, their tastes or even their pathologies. «Everyone should exercise daily, even if only 10 minutes. It must be something we like because if not, we will not be able to turn it into a habit, ”he explains. Therefore, in order not to lose motivation, it invites you to start progressively: walking 10,000 steps, jogging, elliptical …
Common mistakes that prevent weight loss

When we are dieting, we must think that we are taking care of ourselves and not martyring. Buy and cook our menu with love, eat slowly, enjoy dishes and enjoy those foods, instead of watching TV or mobile, are actions that will allow us to control chewing and lengthen the act of eating more than 20 minutes , which is the time it takes to activate the center of hunger and satiety. “Eating with distractions makes us do it faster, eat more and not chew well, which makes us feel satiated,” argues Dr. Amaro, who insists on the need to avoid pre-cooked food.

Nor should we compare our results with those of another person because each body responds differently to a certain plan. Share this opinion José Luis Sambeat, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Zaragoza and creator of the “San Pablo Slimming Method”, who explains that this is what usually happens when trying to lose weight without consulting a qualified professional and is done the diet that went well for a friend, a relative or an acquaintance. “The body of your friend or acquaintance is not yours, you do not share metabolism and what works for him or her is not necessarily going to do well for you,” he insists.

When it comes to counting calories, Dr. Amaro remembers that “everything counts, including alcohol,” and that everything has calories except water. In this sense, it especially affects “zero-calorie” drinks because the sweeteners they contain produce an effect similar to that of sugar in the body: “They activate insulin, which causes hypoglycemia and in turn, causes a greater appetite and a greater tendency to accumulate the leftover calories from the diet in the form of abdominal fat, ”he adds. And the same happens with the so-called “ligth” foods, on which he advises to read his complete label and check not only the calories, but also his percentage of sugars, saturated fats and proteins.

Another mistake that is usually made is to make public or announce “by hype and saucer” that we are on a diet. As Sambeat considers, the fact of announcing to your relatives that you are on a diet will not make you commit more, because neither will it help you who tells you that you do not need it, nor who makes you jokes tempting you with food or encourages you to skip the regime because “for a day nothing happens.” Thus, the expert advises not to communicate it explicitly.

In addition, as Dr. Amaro explains, it is important not to reward efforts precisely with caloric foods, nor skip meals or try to compensate when we have passed. An argument also defended by Sambeat, who states: «It is not worth eating grilled on Monday after a Sunday binge. It is not effective. You only contribute to the metabolic imbalance, since the body tends to recover what it considers it will need for survival. What you don’t take now will take later. In addition, it will lose weight more slowly, ”he clarifies.

Finally, experts advise that we do not get on the scale every day. «Weight loss is not a linear process. If we drew it on a graph, it would be similar to the silhouette of a ladder with its steps. Weight is lost and stabilized over a period, weight is lost and fixed. And so on. The mistaken belief that you are not doing well could make you throw in the towel, ”says Sambeat.
It is not something aesthetic, but a matter of health

Overweight and obesity are related to at least twelve different types of cancer (thyroid, breast, liver, pancreas, colon, multiple myeloma, kidney, endometrium …), as explained by Dr. Amaro. In addition, in Spain excess weight is responsible for 54% of deaths, in the case of men and 48%, in the case of women; and accounts for 7% of the annual health expenditure.

In view of these data, the expert invites to address this issue as a matter of health and not as something aesthetic. “The patient should know that, if he does not lose weight, he is likely to develop a disease related to this problem in the future and that a weight loss helps improve many parameters,” he says. Thus, only losing 5% of the body weight produces a relief of the symptoms of osteoarthritis. And losing between 5 and 10% of weight (or between 5 and 10 cm of abdominal circumference) produces an improvement in symptoms due to gastroesophageal reflux.

To raise awareness about this problem, Dr. Amaro encourages to be clear that it is not so important to count calories as to take into account “the amount of what you eat, what you eat, when you eat and how you eat.”

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