Two basic things you should know if you want to sign up for Crossfit

Surely you have already heard about fashion sport: crossfit. If you think about it, in your family, your friends or your work environment there must be some crossfitero, as the people who practice it are called, and if you ask them why they got hooked on this discipline they will tell you that the more you do it more you need it. Crossfit is revolutionizing the fitness world because its high intensity training promises exponential changes in your body and opens a daily personal improvement hatch.

Halle Berry’s ideal workout

Halle Berry is a model and actress of film and television, but among her more than 5 million followers on social networks are many people who admire her for her passion for sports. Yes, for several years now the winner of a Golden Globe has become an example to follow in the world of fitness. By leaps and bounds but with good lyrics, Halle Berry, 53, especially shares on Instagram some of the exercises she frequently performs: those that strongly strengthen her abs.

The best way to start HIIT training

he exercises of the Pin Twins to start in HIIT

This routine of personal trainers Esther and Gemma Pineda, Twin Pin, includes 6 HIIT exercises that can be done in 12 minutes

Do you notice tiredness and apathy? The drop in temperatures and the lack of light makes us more lazy when it comes to exercising. That is why this week the Pin Twins have proposed to increase the intensity of their exercises. The objective? Lose weight (it will be better to get to Christmas in shape) and tone up.

If last week the personal trainers, specialized in bodybuilding, fitness and weightlifting focused the routine on working abdomen, waist and thighs; This week Esther and Gemma Pineda propose a global circuit that allows to begin in the practice of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), a practice that consists of combining short intervals of exercises at maximum intensity with short periods of rest or exercises at low intensity.

This week’s HIIT Pin Twins routine includes six exercises that can be done in 12 minutes. Each exercise should be worked for about 40 seconds and repeated twice more after a break of 40 seconds.
Exercise 1: Burpees

The “burpee” is an exercise that measures anaerobic resistance. It is performed in several movements (born from the union of chest push-ups, squats and vertical jumps) and with it the abdomen, back, chest, arms and legs are worked.

When practicing the Pin twins remember that it is important to avoid joining the knees and feet when doing the necessary flexion to return to the starting position.
Exercise 2: Iron with isometric squat

This exercise is a variant of the traditional abdominal iron, one of the most effective exercises for working the core. To do it you must stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms extended by the body. Then you bend down and place your hands on the floor before kicking back and putting yourself in the flexion position. Then quickly push your legs hard to return to the lowest squat position and then jump hard to the starting position. One of the most frequent mistakes that occur when doing this exercise is, according to Gemma Pineda, flexing the back instead of the knees. “Watch the lumbar,” he advises.

Do the exercise for 40 seconds and take 20 seconds of rest. Each exercise will be repeated 2 times.
Exercise 3: Abs (butterfly)

With this exercise, which is a version of the abdominal exercises, you work to gain a greater range of movement, the abdominal muscles and also the obliques are activated. When practicing it Esther Pineda explains that it is important to keep the hip and shoulders aligned to practice it correctly.

The working time will be 40 seconds and 20 rest. Each exercise will be repeated 2 times.
Exercise 4: Jumping Squat

This complete exercise includes the practice of a squat and a jump touching the ground with one hand at a time and opening and closing the legs. One of the most frequent mistakes in the practice of this exercise is to flex the arms too much, according to the Pin Twins.

Do the exercise for 40 seconds and take 20 seconds of rest. Each exercise will be repeated 2 times.
Exercise 5: Jumping Jacks with jump

To practice this exercise you must make a vertical jump by raising the knees to the chest after doing the Jumping Jacks exercise 4 times, which consists of opening and closing arms and legs jumping and at the same time. «Avoid falling with the tip of your feet on the ground and when performing the vertical jump do not bring the chest to the knees», explain the Pin Twins.

The working time will be 40 seconds and 20 rest. Each exercise will be repeated 2 times.
Exercise 6: Iron with front arm lift

You must face down, supporting the toes and forearms. Raise the body to form a straight horizontal line, hold in the position for about 30 seconds and then lower to the starting position. The variant of this exercise consists in raising the arm in a frontal position, once with each arm. If you exercise in company, stand in front of the person you do the routine with and practice bumping your palms. «Remember to keep the tension in the abs and do not separate the feet more than the width of the shoulders», advises Gemma Pineda.

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This is all you do wrong when you remove your makeup

We must protect the face from external aggressions like wind, sun, cold, pollution and makeup. The importance of removing makeup before going to sleep

We know that feeling of being home late and consider going to bed without removing makeup. However, and even if you finally decide to remove the makeup that covers your face, it is possible that you do not do it correctly and “the remedy is even worse than the disease.” Healthy skin is characterized by the proper functioning of the hydrolipidic film. This thin layer of water and grease is essential to protect the skin from external aggressions such as wind, sun, cold, pollution and improper makeup.

Why you should stretch before and after exercising and how to do it right

Stretching helps to recover the ideal muscle length, which facilitates recovery between workouts and a correct postural balance
It is important to stretch both before and after exercise

Do you usually stretch after exercising? And before doing so? Stretching is necessary both before and after exercise, explains Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Health Director of Zagros Sports. However, the fact that it fulfills a different function depending on the moment in which we do it makes them different.

How to start serious running without injuring yourself in the attempt

How many times do you run per week? Going for a run to reflect is the best way to let go of bad thoughts and stress: play music and travel the streets of the city or the most attractive roads to make the journey more enjoyable. Spend a few minutes doing sports, in this case running, is synonymous with relaxation, and it doesn’t matter when you decide to do it (before going to work, it loads you with energy while after a working day it gives you peace of mind) any time you set It will be good to set new goals and meet goals.

What is HIIT and how to know if I should practice that type of exercise

The acronym HIIT refers to training with low and high intensity intervals, one of the routines that are getting more and more adept. The reason? These are fast and very intense exercises with which to burn fat and strengthen muscles in a short time and like no other training. “The user can recover between efforts, which often does not happen in traditional cardio, where the pulsations are very high for a long time.” Says Daniel Sánchez Sáez, coach of healthy habits.

Does grunting improve workout intensity?

Cursing and swearing is an almost universal feature of human language. Luis Castellanos, author of “The language of happiness”, would consider it an unhappy language, with which you do not advance in life and that does not bring you closer to happiness, but a study published in the journal “Journal Psychology of Sport and Exercise », Carried out by researchers from the British University of Keele and Long Island in New York, says that dropping words that are unpleasant to the ear take effect if they are said while playing sports.

Best hand & arm exercises for women

Some people call it the “salt shaker” of the arms, others say they have flaccid or “colgones” and others directly claim that they have fat or swollen arms. Toning the arms and back so that they look firm and thinner is the goal of the five-minute, 12-minute routine proposed by personal trainers, Esther and Gemma Pineda, Gemalas Pin.