Where has all the money gone?

WHERE HAS ALL THE MONEY GONE? Have you all noticed that while in earlier times the Finance Minister used to give out allocations to various ministries and inform the nation of its income and expenditure, for the past three- four years we hardly hear of it in clear terms but we are told of grandiose […]

Top 20 economic changes to come in 2030

20 MAJOR RISKS TO GLOBAL FINANCIAL MARKETS IN THE COMING YEARS (LONG TERM) 1. Most people will stop buying cars in a decade-and-a-half ( a prediction that 95 percent of all US passenger miles traveled will be addressed by fleets, not individuals, by 2030). 2. People will increase the renting of assets (over buying these) […]

Why this hypocrisy for cattle smugglers?

Why does the media not cover the murders and atrocities committed by cattle smugglers ?? Yes they do but no one raises a Hue and cry over it. More deaths occur through these killings than otherwise. Here are some details along with newspaper clippings 1] Cattle smugglers murder a woman when she tried to stop […]

Should India have a law of treason?

There should not be a law of treason in which country then what is the importance of that country and why is the indispensability of that country? There is support from chaotic elements to such political party who want to remove this law. The law of treason must be there but opposition to the government […]

Corporate CSR is OK but what about media CSR?

Companies that advertise on TV channels, newspapers, websites, can play a big role in the development of the country. For this, the first thing they will have to get out of government fear. Second, they have to develop development-oriented thinking in the national interest. With this intention, all companies should decide that they will advertise […]

Lynching in not a new phenomenon

The Mehm massacre of Haryana took place in the nineties in which some people were beaten to death by the mob. Some similar incidents took place in Bihar under Lalu’s rule. If such incidents happen in today’s time, then it is called lynching and is associated with a particular religion. In many states, there have […]

How Ayodhya, article 370, Congress & BJP ae interlinked?

Adventure, decisive decision and emotions to remove 370 and 35A From everyday life to success, sports, religion, culture, Naxalism, extremism, terrorism, language, identity, untouchability, nationalism, politics, the effect of emotions always works everywhere. The biggest movement, the victory of elections, or the disenchantment of a person as a big leader like Prime Minister Narendra Modi […]